5 Off-Beat Things In Delhi That No One Told You


Red fort, trip to Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and a lot of important tourist attractions are present in Delhi. Beyond these clichés, there are a lot of off-beat things that you would love in Delhi. These are not the top things that people tell you about Delhi. These things aren’t the first thing to pop into anyone’s mind when you mention Delhi. But, these are really exciting things to enjoy if you are looking for an adventurous and enchanting vacations in Delhi.

Delhi is the capital of India with an international airport in it that connects a lot of international destinations. Thus, it should not be hard for you to schedule a vacation in this place.

The Pre-historic Walk

Delhi has been a hub since prehistoric civilization time. You would have seen a lot of architectures related to Mughals, Rajputs, Pashtun and others. But, this is about even older civilization. In Delhi you can find a lot of prehistoric monuments like Grey ware paintings of 1000 BC, Ashokan Pillars of 300 BC and many others.

5 Off-Beat Things In Delhi That No One Told You

These monuments are scattered in the city in Greater Kailash, Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi Ridge and others. You can either watch them when you visit certain attractions in each place or make a day out of it.

Cultural Tour

You would be very familiar with the Pottery village of Delhi. You might have visited this place for buying some masterpieces.

5 Off-Beat Things In Delhi That No One Told You

Tour the small little Tibet of Delhi which holds endangered Tibetan group of artists who live in the outskirts of Delhi. You can enjoy some Indomania cultural experience here. Do not miss Philkhuwa which is located in Ghaziabad for some culture and art experience. If you take a ride around this place in tonga or on foot, you can find wood inlay works, block paining, dyeing using old techniques and others. You can buy these masterpieces and also can watch artists in work.

The Haunted Version

Every city has some haunting spots that would entertain people with steel nerves. Are you done with all kinds of tours in Delhi? This spooky tour would add more entertainment to your trip. Jamali Kamli Mosque in Mehrauli, Civil Lines’ Nicholson Cemetery, Agrasen Ki Bauli of Chadni Chowk and Malcha Mahal in Malcha are some of the top haunted places in Delhi. The history of these places can range from series of suicide to some historic dark tale. Make sure to visit these places only if you want to have a spooky experience.

5 Off-Beat Things In Delhi That No One Told You

Change of Guard

You would have visited the residence of President in Delhi. Have you visited it on Saturday morning? You can witness the best military tradition of Delhi called as the Change of Guards. This is a periodic tradition that takes place every week when a new troop takes charge of the security. The parade and other ceremony elements are mesmerizing. It just takes a few minutes and you would certainly enjoy this visual feast.

5 Off-Beat Things In Delhi That No One Told You

Nilgai Spotting

Nilgai or Indian blue bull is an almost extinct species that you can find in the streets of Delhi. Once this species was thriving in this area and due to man made errors like deforestation, you can find a very few of these today. Nilgai still roams around in the city and you can spot one in Tughlaquabad fort, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Sanjay Vant and others. If you love nature, you can also enjoy the Charity Bird Hospital in Digambar Jain Temple which is opposite to Red Fort. This is the place which provides shelter to birds and rabbits.

These are just the top off-beat things to enjoy in Delhi. There are a lot of other things to do in Delhi like enjoying Sufism and listening to their tales, international museum of toilets, segway tour on a self balancing segway for 45 minutes and many others. These off-beat things would not take more than an hour. Thus try to include at least two off-beat things everyday in your vacation schedule. This would help you to enjoy Delhi like never before and like most of tourists never did before. After all, it is all about exploring, enjoying and learning.

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