5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Let’s face it, buying gifts for co-workers is hard, especially if you don’t spend time with them outside of work. If you’re lucky, your office will draw names so you only have to spring for one gift. But a lot of small offices adopt the tradition of buying a little something for everybody. Either way, the perfect gift idea can be difficult to come up with. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for gifts that your co-workers are sure to love.

Massages all around

Massage therapy has been shown to alleviate stress and relax the body. And who in your office couldn’t use that? If you’re buying a gift for only one co-worker, a gift certificate for a massage therapy session is a great idea. But if you’re buying them for the whole office, consider hiring a massage therapist to come in with his or her massage chair to administer mini-sessions. No one has to shed any clothing and these sessions usually only last a few minutes. But the benefits are amazing.


You cannot go wrong with coffee gifts in the office. Statistics show that 54 percent of Americans over 18 drink coffee every single day, and odds are those statistics are higher for people who sit around in offices. Who doesn’t need a fresh cup of joe to get them going every morning? If you drew a name and just have to buy one person a gift, this one’s easy. Grab a bag of a gourmet blend and a cool mug from your local coffee brewer or order it online.

If your office tends to exchange gifts with everyone, coffee is still a great option. But instead of buying one bag, why not opt for a coffee subscription? You can arrange to receive your first subscription before the office Christmas party and set it all up in the lounge with a signed greeting to let them know it’s from you. Even better, have the subscription sent to you every month and you can choose what to keep and what to share.

Gag gifts

When you can’t think of anything they’ll love, why not get something they’ll laugh at? Gag gifts are almost always a hit, especially if you’re known as the funny one in the office. Think ugly Christmas sweaters or themed t-shirts. The sky’s the limit with this one, so be creative.

Gift certificates

You may think gift cards are a bit too impersonal, but they don’t have to be. Find out what your co-worker likes by asking around or simply by paying attention. For example, have you heard them proclaim their love of seafood? Consider a gift card to a nearby seafood crab house. Or are they known as the health guru of your office, sneaking in a workout whenever they have a chance? Get them a gift card to your local athletic supply or nutritional supplement store. If you’re still not sure what they’d like, you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to the spa or even the local whole foods market.

Personalized tumblers

Anything personalized is usually a big hit, but personalized tumblers that can be kept in the office are functional, too. They can be large metal mugs for coffee or small colorful tumblers for other beverages. The great thing about a personalized tumbler is that it can even be left in the breakroom without someone mistaking it for their own.

Sure, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving, but isn’t it great when your co-workers think you actually put a little effort into choosing the gift as well?

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