5 Rules Of High-Intensity Strength Training

5 Rules Of High-Intensity Strength Training

Five rules of high-intensity strength training, aimed at accelerating the growth of muscles. How many times a week you have to train and how much time you need to sleep? Let`s go to know

5 Rules Of High-Intensity Strength Training

  1. Full commitment in training

Arriving at the gym, you have to go in for sports, not make small talk with the coach or chat with your friends using the device. The number one rule of muscle growth – cell phone left in the locker room.

For a more focused training helps many music in headphones – there is even the view that the right music helps you work with more weight. In addition, the headphones can be a “security barrier” of wanting to chat.

  1. Do I need to train every day?

The vast majority of newcomers seems unreasonable that the more often they will be trained, the faster muscles will grow. Remember, this is just the opposite, and for muscle recovery to between 48 and 72 hours.

More frequent workouts are allowed only by professionals only when taking sports supplements that accelerate recovery processes, and in exceptional cases (for example, when preparing for a competition).

  1. How many hours a day to sleep?

As we mentioned above, for the full cycle of the micro-muscle recovery and subsequent growth of muscles body takes up to 72 hours – with more frequent training you increase the level of cortisol, which only destroys muscles .

In addition remember about the importance of sleep – is generally believed that it was during sleep the body activates the regenerative processes and triggers muscle growth. If you’re chronically sleep less than 7.5 hours a night, you are essentially slow down this growth.

  1. Sports massage

The higher the weight with which you are working in training, the more stress you create for the body, and the more your body produces various toxins (such as lactic acid, which causes a particular sore muscles after training).

To accelerate the removal of toxins from the body to help methods such as a method of hot bath at the end of (but not immediately after the training, because it damages muscle growth ), as well as full sports massage conducted once a week.

  1. Why to grow muscle creatine?

First, the body uses creatine as a sort of backup power for power loads, which allows you to train more effectively, which in turn helps the muscles grow faster .

Secondly, as to “hold” the creatine in the muscle tissue water is needed when receiving the additive muscle markedly increased in volume. 7-10 days after the start of daily administration of 5 g. Creatine increases your weight by 3-5 kg.

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