5 Smart Ways To Deal With Workplace Bullying

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Adults sum up the majority of the population at work and we all know that they are more civilized. However, bullies are present at work too, and if they exist, bullying will also exist. Even the smallest workplace in Dallas, bullying is still present.

Workplace bullying is about any repeated, deliberate behavior directed at an employee that is purposely to degrade, embarrass, humiliate, or even sabotage their performance. It can be a colleague, supervisor, or the management, and is a true nightmare for employees at all levels.

If you know you are already that someone is bullying you at work, then just be sure that you know how to deal with a bully at work.

  1. Determine the situation

You have to trust your instincts when it comes to feeling bullied. If you already feel bullied, then you are most likely a victim. Determine the situation by simply asking yourself on what is happening between you and the person.

Is it just you or is everyone afraid of that person too? Or is there anyone who experienced that same situation? Then, if others also experienced this behavior from that bully, gather with them and plan for the next step.

  1. Don’t ignore the bully’s action

Don’t think that if you ignore the situation, then it will just go away. It is still not going to stop the bully. In fact, you are just giving the bully an authority by not addressing the situation. It might lead into many alarming situations such as depression, anxiety, or even minor injuries.

You should not ignore bullying. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim, instead try and succeed. If someone bullies you, tackle the situation with someone whom you can trust at work. You need to disclose it to someone so that they can help you and be aware.

5 Smart Ways To Deal With Workplace Bullying

  1. Document all bullying events

It is an important way of how to deal with a bully. Every time that you experience any bullying behavior from the person record the date, time, and the name of the bully and the details about the incident.

Keep a documentation of every single thing like curses, insults, and any back stabbing moves done. So, if you finally want to seek help from the HR, the complete documentation of the situation and the business results provides the HR information to work on your behalf.

  1. Take action by confronting the bully

Confronting the bully can be hard and scary, but you can do a simple statement and gesture to bring out when you’re feeling intimidated.

Try to inform the bully to speak with you in private but with a trusted third person present. Inform the bully about his behavior towards you and how the his or her actions are affecting your work.

The confrontation can be done in the middle of the office as well. If the bully is abusively yelling at you in front of everyone, be firm and be calm in telling the person to stop right there in the presence of everyone.

5 Smart Ways To Deal With Workplace Bullying

  1. Follow up and inform trusted seniors at work

If the bully still continues and you haven’t noticed a small change, then you have the right report the higher up like the HR management, or any senior personnel. Continue until your complaint is seriously taken care of and the situation is corrected to allow you to work in a welcoming workplace.

But if there is still no action from the management, consult a legal advisor such as attorneys who handle this kind of situation.


Bullies might exist in the workplace, even if they are not obvious as they were in grade school. Whether the person is stealing credits for your work, criticizing you, or talking badly about you to others, the bully’s reason is always the same, and it is to bring you down. Take appropriate actions and don’t let the bully win over you.

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