5 Things Every College Senior Should Do Before They Graduate

College life is stressful enough without the worry of getting ready for graduation. These five tips every college senior should do before graduation will save you from making mistakes.

  1. Check for Outstanding Loans

Owing any outstanding tuition or fees hinders graduation. Check with the financial aid department at your school to insure there are no monetary obligations. You may also want to diligently check your student account.

Taking a proactive approach with the state of your financial situation as a senior before graduating creates a safety net. Speak with your financial aid office on a daily basis. Also, check your student account regularly. If you owe any outstanding debts to the school, this will hinder graduation.

  1. Complete all Courses

You may be tempted to slack in your course load the last few weeks of senior year. However, slacking leads to incomplete grades. A majority of colleges require a 2.0 GPA for graduation. If you fail a class or do not complete a class, you cannot graduate.

When you play, you pay. If you are struggling with a course, speak with your professor as soon as possible. If the course load is too much, talk to your academic advisor. Don’t let one class stop you from walking across the stage and earning your diploma.

  1. Submit Your Intent to Graduate

Before graduation, you must submit your application of intent. An application of intent to graduate lets the school know you have completed all course work. Also an intent application informs the school you have satisfied all outstanding obligations to the school.

Usually a letter of intent is submitted during the first week of the last semester. Insure you have all the information correct along with any graduation fees before submitting your application. Dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, makes the process hassle-free.

  1. Ask for Reference Letters

During the last four years of college, you have probably created a rapport with your instructors or professors. A good relationship with your instructors gives you an opportunity to ask for reference letters. Professors within USF’s mpa degree program, or most any other college program, will know you academically and can provide essential information to potential employers.

Armed with a portfolio of reference letters from your professor’s puts you on the path to success after graduation. However, getting there requires asking before graduation not after graduation. A few professors may offer reference letters, but for those who don’t, don’t be afraid to ask them.

  1. Order Your Graduation Regalia

Once you are cleared to graduate, order your regalia. It takes about two weeks to receive everything. If you have a special order, it may take longer. Find out from you advisor what you will need before placing your order to insure everything is correct.

Your graduation regalia is an important part of your graduation ceremony. Take pride and the opportunity to celebrate your achievement.  Don’t wait until the last minute to place an order.

You made it! You are now a college senior getting ready for graduation. Be prepared, follow these five to do’s, for a successful graduation.

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