5 Things That You Must Know About Hair Extensions

5 Things That You Must Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extension is the solution that most of you prefer to get long and bouncy hair. Using hair extension successfully requires several issues to be addressed. To identify such issue is not the only task. You need advice or tips to get over them? Right? So, here are following five-points that will highlight the problem in using hair extension and their respective solutions.

5 Things That You Must Know About Hair Extensions

Choose from different hair type: –There are different hair types available to choose for hair extension. Remy hair and synthetic hair are the major two types of hair extension to choose from. Remy hair is also known as cuticle hair these are made out of natural human hair without treating them synthetically. On the other hand the synthetic are not the natural hair they are synthetically treated and does not match your natural colour standards. The price for both types varies. Remy hair would cost you high than a synthetic one. It is advised that compare why you want hair extension? With the capability of mentioned two different types.

Style matters as much as choosing a right stylist: – It’s not sufficient to merely decide upon the type and the style you wish to get from hair extension. The equally important factor is choosing an expert stylist who is competent in playing with hair extension. Choosing an expert in hair extension would assure you that the damage to hair will reduce whenever it is applied or removed. Another factor that you can consider is to choose a specialist who knows all about the type and colour of hair naturally you have.

‘Handle with care’: – Once you are done with your hair extension make sure that you handle them with extra care. Hair extension is not adjoined with your scalp. They don’t receive nutrients which your natural hairs receives.From brushing and combing, washing, drying hair extensions with a hair dryer and how to sleep in hair extensions all are the important aspect of learning to care your hair extension. The following precautions or ways will help you in giving due care to your hair extension-

  • Using a special brush to comb hair extensions.
  • Use specially designed shampoo for hair extension.
  • Before sleeping make a loose braid or ponytail.
  • Do not rub your hair extension as you do with your natural hair, dry them gently with the towel.

Proportionate Density and thickness: – Before adding using hair extension make sure you know about your natural hair. Using a hair extension that does not suit the density and strength of your natural hair will create problems for you. If the density and thickness of hair extension are in proportion with the natural hair, you already posses than it will be easy for you to manage them. Otherwise, it will be more of a burden to you.

Assure Yourself That You Got What You Demanded: – You may be satisfied with the style and hair extension you have got. But you should not ignore if there are problems you have started facing hair extension. If you feel itchy on your scalp or the natural hair are falling at a faster rate than its time to revisit your extension stylist to know and solve the problems. You can ask for a different or redo of hair extension if you feel uncomfortable.

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