5 Tips To Enhance Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

5 Tips To Enhance Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

People possessing electric car are very concerned about batteries and the methods to make their battery working for a long time. Plug-in vehicles can cause troubles to the owner if he wants to go for a long drive and the car battery gets low right along the way. Electric car manufacturing companies attach long warranty notes with maintenance instructions, but no surety can be given for a vehicle which is Lithium-ion battery dependent. Following are some useful tips which can be used to enhance the battery life of your electric car.

5 Tips To Enhance Battery Life Of Your Electric Car

  1. Don’t charge your battery 100%

Most of the EVs have charging signs like maximum, standard or range that helps the owner to charge the batteries to the peak point. A user must get the battery charged just before using it. Lithium-ion battery, when charged between 30-90 percent, works well and doesn’t get affected. Don’t be a fool to charge your batteries overnight because if a battery remains charged 100% for more than 8 hours, its efficiency falls. The owner must charge the batteries in the morning while getting ready for work and EV chargers must be of good company and portable. The battery which is 80% charged daily can have a prolonged lifetime.

  1. Charge at instructed levels

The fact that if you do charge your EV battery full will lead your battery to a short life can also be diverted if you don’t charge your battery for a long time. It may also lead your vehicle battery to be dead.  You must not try the timing of the battery by not charging it on a regular basis as lithium-ion battery needs a partial tone charging to work well.

  1. Switch it to the mount mode

For an electric vehicle, the rule is to use complete lithium-ion battery and then switch to gasoline power. System settings include the option of exiting EV battery while cycling or climbing a hill or mountain. So you must switch the mode from electric battery to gasoline power 15-20 minutes before the hilly path starts. This will save the gel in the batteries and let them charged so that you can reach your destination after traveling through the steep route. You can change the mode when the road is flat.

  1. Be aware of temperature variations

Heat can cause great damage to your lithium-ion battery pack so you must be aware of weather conditions and must drive your electric car by keeping your batteries at 20-85 Fahrenheit and you must also warm the batteries when it’s too cold outside as the temperature affects badly to the functionality of EV battery. Cool temperature conditions may even drain out the battery.

  1. Be accurate about storage

You must be very sure about your car charging while going on holidays or for a long trip. If you are going for a long drive and your battery is lower than 40%, you can plug-in your EV-charger and stop the charging, when it is 90%. EVSE-EV Chargers are used to provide approximately 240 volts when needed. In this way, you can save your vehicle efficiency for a longer time.

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