5 Tips to Enhance Your Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca ceremony Peru

The Amazonian medicinal plant is called ayahuasca. In Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia people have been using this plant for over thousands of years. The vine is made of two plants- banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis. These two plants contain powerful dimethyletryptamine or DMT which is known for its psychoactive capability. The ayahuasca also means the “vine of the spirits”. In Ayahuasca ceremony Peru, the vine used to work as a tool to treat and diagnose illness.

Here in this guide you will get to know about tips to enhance your ayahuasca experience.

  1. The Preparation of Food

Our body is made of food. So, the food that you intake, plays a major role in enhancing your capability to respond. Before you take ayahuasca, it is a must that you eat food accordingly. Otherwise, you won’t have desired results. If you ever have searched for “aya diet”, you will get to know about all those foods you should eat and should not eat. Before the ayahuasca ceremony, you make sure to avoid red meat, hot spices, salt, alcohol, and avocado. A vegetarian diet is considered to be the ideal food to gain utmost benefit of Ayahuasca Healing method.

  1. Physical Intercourses

The main concern in ayahuasca process is that you have to abstain from physical intercourses. Any kind of outside stimulation can ruin your experience of ayahuasca. If you want to enhance your experience, then try to restrain from any kind of physical intercourses. These will enhance your capability to respond in a better way.

  1. Pay keen attention

Most of the people who travel to take up ayahuasca face one common issue that is lack of attention. In our busy schedule, we are indulged in so many things but not paying undivided attention to anything. Only the attention can make a big difference in ayahuasca experience. If you are having the first time experience then you may find visual phenomena such as geometric forms, patterned lights, animals, etc. You will experience a feeling of oneness, a feeling of profound understanding of yourself.

  1. Don’t expect

The common mistake people make while taking the ayahuasca is that they expect a lot and often end up being disappointed. Drop off all your expectation and start to be in the moment. If you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed with ayahuasca experience.

  1. Cleanse your mind and body

Ayahuasca cleanses out all your physical, mental, spiritual body toxin through urinating, vomiting, defecating, crying, sighing, yawning, etc. So, if you are going through the same experience, don’t panic yourself. Try to have gratitude while the cleansing process is taking place. As it will wash off all the impurities.


In Ayahuasca ceremony Peru, the master plant dieta is used as a tool to incorporate mental and physical development in the human body. This helps in customary recuperating retreat. All through the retreat course, you will discover huge changes in your mind and body. You will be full of happiness. When you are done with the recuperating technique, you will discover a significant relationship with mother nature.

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