5 Tips To Help You Manage A High-Performing Virtual Team

5 Tips To Help You Manage A High-Performing Virtual Team

With so many online businesses in existence, you don’t always need a big office to run a successful business. Even large business organizations are cutting down the in-office employees to have the cost advantage and expertise of individuals from different cities and countries. If you are already managing a virtual team or planning to manage one, here are some helpful tips to help you manage a high-performing virtual team:

5 Tips To Help You Manage A High-Performing Virtual Team

  1. Have A Constantly Open Chat Room

These days, there are endless number of communication tools available online. You can choose the best one as per your own requirements. Having a Skype group for all the project related discussion can be enough for small scale virtual team. You can conduct Skype video meetings as well. Effective communication is the key for success of any virtual team.

  1. Use Screen Sharing Tools

Teamviewer and Join.me are some common screen sharing tools that you can use to teach or instruct your team members. Even Skype have screen-sharing features that you can use for a small size team.

  1. Collaborate On Spreadsheets And Google Drive

Perhaps the best option for editing a document by multiple individuals is using Google drive. For any document that needs updating by multiple individuals, just share with all the individuals and give them all authority to edit. Make the organization easy to understand and communicate how to use the sheet effectively and your virtual team should run smoothly.

5 Tips To Help You Manage A High-Performing Virtual Team

  1. Use Premium Team Tools

If your virtual team is expected to get larger day by day, you may want something more than Skype discussion. Asana, Trello are some popular virtual team management tools that help you organize all the tasks. Use of these tools brings everything under a good structure. For an even fruitful team discussion, you can use BeeCanvas whiteboards, and conference features.

  1. Allow Flexibility for Maximum Productivity

People working remotely will always want some flexibility in terms of work hour and deadlines. Just communicate the goal of each and every task and keep the employees motivated to attain those goals. If you are able to allow flexibility and also attain those goals, it should be best for you and your team.


Whatever type of online business you own, these are some highly useful tips for anyone willing to manage a virtual team. Making use of these tips should make your team perform well and attain your business goals. Always remember it is about building a long term relation with your virtual team members.

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