5 Tips To Help You Stay Focused When Studying For The SAT

There’s few things less exciting than studying for the SAT. It can be easy to get frustrated and feel like it’s all a waste of time and question whether or not anything you’re learning will help you in the future, but it’s just a necessary part of life. Even if the only benefit of studying all this information is to score well on the test and get into a good college, the benefits of getting a better education will serve you for the rest of your life. However, when it’s difficult to keep all of that sage wisdom in mind as your phone is blowing up with all kinds of push notifications from your myriad social media accounts, you want to follow these five tips so that you can stay focused when studying for the SAT.

  1. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

The last thing you want to do is keep your phone right next to you as you study for your SAT. Your phone should be on airplane mode the entire time so that you won’t be distracted with notifications or the ability to fall into the vortex of Instagram or Snapchat. Then again, if you need your phone for research or to play music, there are certain apps that will put a lock on your social media accounts until you are done studying. You will set a timer and you won’t have any access to these apps until your timer goes off.

  1. Set Goals for Your Study Sessions

You won’t feel extremely motivated to stay focused while you’re studying unless there’s a few things that you are committed to accomplishing before you finish studying. Whether you are trying to get through a particular chapter in your SAT prep book or you are trying to get through a certain number of math problems, you are going to have to set an ambitious goal for yourself so that you will feel the pressure to race against the clock.

  1. Remove Yourself from Outside Distractions

There’s no telling how many distractions you may find if you try to study in your own living room or in a cafe. It only takes one person or television to completely pull your attention away from your SAT and onto other topics that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. That’s why you want to make sure that you extract yourself from any kinds of distracting situations and find a place that is completely private.

  1. Create a Strict Schedule for Yourself

There are very few people who can actually motivate themselves to study at random when there are plenty of other things they could be doing. That’s why you have to include your study sessions somewhere in your weekly agenda. If you want to get into a tough school like Wake Forest University, you’re going to need to perform well on your SAT.

  1. Find the Right Kind of Music

Most people find that it’s easiest to get into a study groove when they have a particular type of music playing. In the majority of cases, it’s best if you can find some kind of music that is only instrumental, so that your thoughts won’t be distracted by lyrics.

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