5 Ways To Create Memorable Domain Name

Domain name has contribution to our position in Google. Domain name could determine the success of our online business. There are factors that we need to consider before we choose a domain name:

Put at least one keyword in domain name

Our domain name should have at least one or two keyword. Applepie.com is already taken, but Northamptonapplepie.com or something similar is a good name. If we plan to start an online business, it is important to choose a domain name, before our actual business name. It means that our business name and domain name will be identical. Domain name may contain up 67 characters, but ours should be less than 30 characters. Domain name should have less than four words, so people can remember it more easily.

Don’t add another word behind a taken domain name

If we do this, it is possible that we give free traffic to a competitor. As an example, we shouldn’t choose Applepienorthampton.com, because people may forget the name and type Applepie.com, instead. More detailed identifier of our domain name should be placed at the front. If we do this, we could prevent losing traffic to a bigger corporation who already have strong position in the market.

Don’t choose .net or .org version of a taken domain name

If .com version of the domain name is already taken, we may consider choosing a different domain name. People are still conditioned to think that websites should have .com as extension. They may forget or even don’t know that .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz and others are also available. Again, this could give our competitor a free traffic if our consumers forget the proper extension for our website.

Consider whether we should choose country-specific extension

If our consumers are local, we could use country-specific extension, such as com.au for Australia. If we plan to sell our products or share information globally, it is important to choose .com, no matter where our location is.

Don’t give in to ego

We shouldn’t let ego determine our domain name. We could be persistent to choose a domain name with only one keyword. Because all names in the dictionary have been taken; we could choose unusual acronym, such as GJAKL.com. This is not an effective domain name and people could struggle to remember it. Of course, we should choose a unique brand, but it doesn’t mean that it is hard to memorize. It means that we shouldn’t start building a domain name from scratch.

As a summary, our domain name should contain primary keyword, be distinctive, is very easy to remember and be identifiable, especially compared to other domain names. If we have an ineffective name, it is likely that we will waste our time and our traffic potential will be much more limited. We shouldn’t waste time using a weird name. It will pay off to choose a longer name that has sensible and memorable keywords. Unimaginative and irrelevant names shouldn’t be used for our domain name.

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