6 Biggest Blunders Of Technology

In this article, we will share with our readers some of the most embarrassing tech ideas that did not take off. The damage was not only big, but expensive as well. Some of the biggest blunders of technology have to be:

Biggest Blunders of Technology

  1. Digital Research

Do you know that Microsoft wasn’t the first choice for producing disk operating system for IBM? At that time, IBM was looking for a disc operating software for its new IBM PC and it was in fact Bill Gates who introduced IBM to Gary Kildall of Digital Research, who was the person behind the CP/M operating system.

The story goes that that Gary’s wife Dorothy had to deal with IBM while he was busy with another customer. She was not happy with some aspects of the deal that IBM was proposing and turned it down. This paved way for Microsoft to become business partner of IBM in 1980 and it became one of the most significant business deals of the history.

  1. IBM PCjr

This was supposed to be the start of a cheap and reliable PC. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out as it couldn’t run most of the software on a standard PC. Apart from its lame chiclet keyboard, it was also quite expensive. The worst thing about this device is that it cannot be upgraded. It managed to last in the commercial marker for only a year.

  1. News Corp buying MySpace

News Corp bought MySpace for $580 million. At that time, it seemed to be a viable deal. But it in 2006, it went downhill from there. First Google surpassed it as the most visited site in the United States. Then Facebook started to make its mark in 2008. All this caused substantial losses of this website.

  1. Microsoft Kin

Microsoft Kin was made for the social media community. But the price just didn’t go well with the audience. Microsoft had invested about 2 years and $1 billion into its making. Considering the huge budget of this device, it came as a surprise to know that it didn’t last for more than two months on the shelves.

  1. 3Com Audrey

It was in 2000 when internet was a reaching its boom when 3Com Audrey hit the technology market. It first seemed fantastic as an idea to have an internet appliance. But the investment for 3Com Audrey proved to be sloppy at best. It cost around $499. It had no broadband support and didn’t even function as efficiently as today’s phones.

Technology is a risky business. There are examples of products that swept away the market and there are failed products that cost a business a loss of millions of dollars. But that’s part of this industry. In this list, there are many names who managed to succeed even after a few failed products.

  1. AOL buying Bebo

It is a real shame that AOL bought Bebo for $850 million and then sold it for just $10 million. It comes as surprising if not senseless business right there.

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