6 Groundbreaking Social Media Platforms for Your Startup!

6 Groundbreaking Social Media Platforms for Your Startup!

Social media is your reigning medium in the world today to get the word across. The boom it has experienced over the last decade is unparalleled. Startups have become a trend as well, during this time. For a startup to really skyrocket, the need for its social media presence cannot be ignored. And imagine if you could integrate your entrepreneurial skills with that of a sweeping medium? The results will be nothing short of spectacular!

6 Groundbreaking Social Media Platforms for Your Startup!

This piece will focus on what social media platforms are available for you to jump-start that idea of yours:

1.     Facebook

Easily the giant in the social media platforms’ scene and continues to dominate it. Facebook currently has more than a billion active users and as per second quarter of 2016 the number has reached to a staggering 1.71 billion users. So if your business is seeking to have far-reaching impact in less time, this is the platform to go with.

Facebook is one of the credible social media platforms out there and any reputable business usually entails a Facebook account. It even adds to the businesses’ worth if the page is verified by a blue ‘check mark’. Point to note here is that the businesses without a Facebook page are perceived/deemed unfit by potential customers.

Another feature of Facebook is that you can advertise on it. Facebook adverts are bound to be displayed to masses and can bring in the much needed attention for your startup.

2.     Twitter

Second to Facebook perhaps, this medium relies on a 140 character length to convey your message or market yourself. More than 60% of users, researchers claim, are likely to result in conversions or turn into leads (than merely visiting) through your Twitter page.

If your intent is to disperse content and engage in a personalized convo with your customer or prospect, Twitter is great platform to achieve that! See example below

3.     LinkedIn

Primarily for B2B startups and a strictly professional platform, LinkedIn can serve to set you up with business partners around the globe. LinkedIn is an invaluable social media platform for launching you onto the networking stage.

LinkedIn also offer advertising on their platform for fee. You can choose if it will reflect as banner ad or will appear on the sidebar along with other adverts. In addition, you can always publish posts, infographics, announcements etc. pertaining to your niche/business to gain followers. The more your page is active on LinkedIn, the more chances are for your brand to stand out!

4.     YouTube

World’s most watched video platform. If yours is a startup, you preferably want to employ making videos in order to promote your brand. With its millions of users spreading the word out is not going to be difficult. Make sure to produce high quality videos that both carry your brand message and keep the user enticed throughout its runtime.

The comments section is a great way to interact with your audience. You can gauge that the information you wanted to disseminate has been interpreted by the public in its entirety or not. Their feedback, criticism and interest (no. of shares) will tell you a lot about where your startup is headed or if any corrective measures are needed to bring it on track.

You can also monetize your YouTube channel by displaying ads in conjunction with Google AdSense.

5.     Google

The parent organization of YouTube launched the Google+ platform, although a little late, but it quickly became one of the leading social media domains in the world. With already users of YouTube, Gmail and Google Search (no. 1 search engine), the brand had no issues establishing itself.

Businesses with Google+ handles are considered to be trustworthy and exude customer confidence in that business. Whatever Google does or say, is taken as the word-of-god (no kidding).

6.     Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming of extreme value to the businesses. Startups sure can benefit from its uniqueness. If you have a physical setup, you can engage with customers online to ‘pin’ items they would like to be showcased in your store. Nordstrom practices this strategy and although a renowned brand, works like a charm for them and people appreciate that their opinions are valued.

Aren’t these platforms simply groundbreaking?! If you are an entrepreneur, ask yourself this “What a time to be alive?”

Author Bio: Joseph Carey is an Industry Expert specializing in Social Media Marketing and Brand Management. In his leisure time, he loves offering coursework writing service to students.

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