6 Symptoms That Indicate Leaky Gut Syndrome

The leaky gut syndrome can be one of the most irritating diseases for several reasons such as uneasiness and its connection with other diseases. A complex diagnosis only makes things worse for the patients of leaky gut syndrome. While we highly advice you to take the leaky gut syndrome quiz to ascertain whether you are suffering from the disease, we have listed here a number of signs that help you decipher if you have fallen to the leaky gut syndrome.

6 Symptoms That Indicate Leaky Gut Syndrome

1. Sensitivity Towards Foods:- 

In a number of cases, increased food sensitivity is seen as an outcome of the leaky gut syndrome. With multiple toxins entering the bloodstream, immunity system takes a hit with the production of a number of antibodies.

2. Thyroid Problems:- 

Chronic thyroiditis is one of the most expected outcomes of the leaky gut syndrome. A sudden increase in weight, increasing fatigue, higher levels of depression and a slow metabolism mark such a condition. If you are facing these issues and want to be absolutely sure of the diagnosis before going for the treatment, you can always take the leaky gut syndrome quiz.

3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease:- 

It is found that a majority of the patients suffering from the inflammatory bowel disease are actually victims of the leaky gut syndrome. In such cases, consuming supplementary zinc has been found to be quite an effective treatment. But before you begin treating yourself based on these symptoms, we would recommend you to take the leaky gut syndrome quiz since the outcome of the quiz gives you a number of points on how to treat your medical conditions with the least possible side effects.

4. Inflammatory Skin Condition:- 

The connection between the skin and the well being of the gut has now been well established. There are times when doctors try to get rid of the terrible skin infection using all sorts of skin creams and drugs when they should have instead concentrated on the gut!

5. Mood Swings:- 

Believe it or not, leaky gut syndrome has also been known to trigger a number of neurocognitive disorders, thus making the disease all the more irritating. Mood swings that last a considerable amount of time can also result into depression, thus causing further harm to the body of the patient.

6. Autism:- 

Though autism seems like a distant medical condition altogether, a number of studies have found out connections between cases of autism and the leaky gut syndrome!

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