7 Best Abs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

Abdominal fat is really unappealing and getting rid of it to reveal those perfect abs hidden beneath the layers requires great effort and determination. There are numerous exercises that have been widely advertised to cut down belly fat and bring your abs out in the open, in fact the number of people searching for abs exercises online is growing. The internet however offers a plethora of exercises and knowing the best and most effective ones is a challenging task for novices. So lets check out 7 of the best that will work your abs to exhaustion.

1. Basic Crunch

7 Best Abs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

This a common mainstream abs exercise and also one of the most effective. Performing it is pretty easy, you need to lie on the back while folding legs at the knees. Place your hands below your neck so that it acts as support and start lifting shoulders up. Curling your shoulders, lift your upper back and hold position for a few seconds then return to starting position. Do up to 20 repetitions

2. Abs Roller

You will need a roller to perform this exercise, if you don’t know what a roller is; Google! Get to a kneeling position, hold the roller handles keeping the shoulders and hands in sync. Now roll the wheel outwards while moving the hips forward. This exercise only requires arm movement and you should ensure to keep the back straight at all times to avoid injury. Repeat the exercise in 3 reps and take a minute rest in between sets.

3. The Plank

This workout is for abs stability and very effective in burning belly fat. Starting position is on your stomach and then proceed to lift yourself and rest on your forearms. Elbows should be below your shoulders and arms placed against the floor. While maintaining this position, lift up the rest of the body as if doing push ups and hold onto the position for 30 seconds or longer. Do the plank repetition 5 times

4. The Bicycle

7 Best Abs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

With your back on the ground put your at the back of your head and lift knees up at an angle of 45 degrees. Start motioning legs as if riding a bicycle. The left elbow should touch your right knee and vice versa as you ‘pedal’. Do 1-3 sets of 15 reps in a slow and controlled motion

5. Pendulum

As reported by popular fitness magazine MadBiceps.Com. This will require some effort and exhausts most people fast. Lay on the floor and raise legs to a 90 degree angle. Keeping the legs straight up swing them from left to right and repeat the process multiple times. This definitely hurts!

6. Pelvic Tilt

7 Best Abs Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

This is done by lying flat on the floor with the back to the ground while folding your knees. With the feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart from each other, lift the lower part of your torso and hold the position for a couple of seconds then return to starting position

7. Frog Legs

Lie flat on your back so the soles of your feet are touching. Let your knees fall open towards the sides of your body and use your hands to support your neck by placing them behind it. Once in this position, gradually squeeze your abs while pulling your belly button into the spine then lift your head and shoulders off the floor with your chin pointing upward. Lower yourself to the floor gradually and repeat exercise.
Abs exercises only target belly fat and therefore it is advisable to combine them with cardio exercises like running and rope skipping as they rid fat in all parts of the body.

Daniel Sepp is a fitness author who writes for many online magazines including MadBiceps.Com where you can find more articles about fitness supplements, workouts and diets.

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