7 Computer Parts That Need To Be Top-Notch

7 Computer Parts That Need To Be Top-Notch

In today’s age, you need to have top notch parts to have a killer computer that can run anything you want. With games and programs getting demanding in terms of your computer graphics and hardware configuration. Here are seven parts of your computer that needs to be top notch in order to run the system smooth and error free.

7 Computer Parts That Need To Be Top-Notch


Your processor is what makes the computer run.  It merges together all the other parts and makes sure that they run in sync with each other.  All the other parts of the computer can’t function efficiently, if its central brain is lagging behind. On most computers you can’t swap processors in and out, but it is becoming more common to be able to do that.


RAM or Random Access Memory is where the short-term memory of your computer is kept. Your computer remembers what it’s doing, because of the RAM. RAM can be swapped out, but the processor will determine what speed you can cap out at. RAM helps you run more than one program at the same time.

Hard Drive

While RAM holds the short term memory, a hard drive is what stores its long-term memory. Better hard drives allow for the faster reading of stored memory. Accessing stored memory quickly is extremely important for data transfer or loading of the data.

Graphics Card

Your graphics card is what converts all of the data into images. A good graphics card allows your images to be rendered quickly and easily. Graphics cards also determine how you connect your monitor to your computer and how many monitors you can run on a single processor.

Sound Card

A sound card is what allows your computer to turn data into audio. You want to have a sound card that is capable of putting out high definition Dolby audio, so that you can hear footsteps or every beat of the music.


A monitor is what your graphics card sends the image to.  Without a high definition monitor and a good connection you will be left with lower quality images and even possibly fragmentation of images. Bad monitors will also reflect any light in front of them and make it harder to read or work upon the system.


Most people wouldn’t typically think of a mouse as being on a list of computer parts that need to be top notch. Your mouse though is how you steer your character or input strokes of art. If your mouse lags or you can’t change the sensitivity you might accidently do the wrong thing. It also creates a lot of trouble when you are playing multi-player games or working on complicated software where precision is your top priority.

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