7 Original And Stylish Colors For The Bedroom

7 Original And Stylish Colors For The Bedroom

No longer bear to see that old more color on the walls of your bedroom. It is time to renew your bedroom décor and your state of brightened with a new color. We invite you to discover 8 elegant colors for the bedroom and that few people dare to paint, not ugly but uninspired.

Vintage Pink

Whether you share the bedroom with your partner or sleep alone in the room, you can dare to pink in a light shade. A pale pink or coral is a cool color for the bedroom walls, and an excellent choice if you do not want to paint the walls white but not you dare strong colors.


Gray for the bedroom walls? That’s right, and you can not imagine how good it is! You can add some decorative metal objects and combine them with your wooden furniture. Gray + metal + wood = a perfect match!

Lemon Yellow

Did you know that yellow is the second color that induces sleep? That makes it an ideal color to paint the bedroom walls. Do not be afraid that your bedroom shines much because of the color; in fact, the yellow has the distinction of shine more when it receives sunlight, and being more subdued in the shadow of the night.


This color not only brings elegance to a bedroom, but also produces a relaxing effect on people. The aqua well with furniture and light wood floors. In addition, it is ideal for rooms with little natural light.

Red Brick

You feel like the red brick? Perhaps your first reaction is to refuse to paint the walls of this color, but if you look at some pictures of decoration and think a little more, you sympathize the idea. This color is ideal for painting the wall of the head of the bed, but you can also encourage you to use it in the rest of the walls. Do not be afraid of that energy that transmit red colors you lose sleep at night, that does not happen with red brick.


Brown and blue, original and very elegant to decorate your bedroom combination. You can paint a wall of brown and the other blue, or dress your bed with blankets and pillows heavenly. Brown has the power to transform a space into an intimate corner.


Do not panic, read our proposal first and then choose whether you paint your bedroom black. We know that the black color is out of considerations of most people who want to paint their room; however, they do not know how well it is a touch of black in the bedroom! You can paint the ceiling black or highlight a wall, it combines perfectly with gray and white and has the versatility that is somewhat colored male and female.

Now that you know these original and stylish colors for the bedroom, you can give a change in your room.

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