8 Ways To Not Let Your Productivity Get Hampered When You’re Sick!

8 Ways To Not Let Your Productivity Get Hampered When You’re Sick!

Sickness can get to us anywhere anytime. While one should exercise care such as eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep tight, wear warm clothes when cold, avoid fast food etc. to ensure fitness and health. However, we are vulnerable and despite our valiant efforts are prone to falling sick.

While sick your reliance on other may increase. You become dependable as you are too weak or too much in pain so you can’t move or do things on your own. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. Life gets the better of us every now and then and being sick is one of those days. Ideally, you should consider seeing a doctor who will prescribe medicine that will get you better in a day or two but being productive all this while can take its toll.

Disclaimer: No serious illnesses are part of this writing piece only the routine cough, cold, flu, and/or fever are being referred to here. Under serious cases bed rest and proper meals are a must and doctor’s advice cannot be ignored in addition to proper medication.

8 Ways To Not Let Your Productivity Get Hampered When You’re Sick!

You can still choose to be productive if you are feeling sick in the following ways:

1.     Stock Up

It’s normal to feel sore when you are down and out with being sick. Temperatures usually rise and drop and you won’t feel the hunger or thirst as you would normally. To combat this, drink some warm soup coupled with vitamin C enriched food item.

Orange juice and kiwis are recommended. If you can’t get anything down your throat, keep yourself hydrated by sticking to fluids. Keep remedial measures at hand as well if you catch a cold. The supply will get you going.

2.     Dress for the ‘Occasion’

Put on comfy clothes. Some loosely fit clothing with a zipper will greatly help you in regulating your body temperature.

3.     Calling in Sick Is the Right Thing to Do

You can work home and this is the perfect opportunity. You can call in sick and by doing this you are doing a favor to your workplace by keeping your colleagues safe from bacteria/germs and from worsening your condition than it already is. You can postpone any business meetings or calls. Don’t worry, people generally understand.

4.     Break It Down

The first thing that kicks in when you are sick is mental exhaustion. You are just too tired to be trying anything. So working from home may seem to be impossibility but time breaks at regular intervals to catch some rest. Take 10 minutes off or simmer it down to 5-minutes if you think you can manage without resting and so on.

Oh, and keep them fluids flowing!

5.     Do Reading

Watching countless hours of TV or binge-watching series becomes a norm on the days you are sick. Or you spend your time playing games. Although it’s ok to do so, such activities take your mind off the sickness for the hours you engage. Instead, it is advisable to do the reading and learn things you won’t find time in an otherwise dog-eat-dog world.

6.     Organize Inbox

Nobody likes a cluttered inbox but it is the time that won’t allow for tidying it up. While at home, this can be your chance to do so. Also, avoid answering any new mail unless it’s important and focus on organizing your inbox.

7.     Ponder

The time you have at hand, although you are not well, can be served in planning for the long-term. Visualize, meditate and focus. Two things are going to come out of it; relaxing/soothing effect on your health and priorities set straight.

8.     Ehm…Do Nothing

Yes, you read that correct! Just sit in a comfortable position and in quiet then leave yourself be. Things will start manifesting themselves that you have not given a thought about in some time. This can be important stuff or just nonsense but at least you’ll know what demands your attention and what doesn’t.

The trick in all of the above steps is to not overdo any of it. Just take it slow and if you’re going to not show up for a couple of days to work, break it down over the span you’re going to stay indoors.

Author Bio: Joseph Carey  is a Career Counselor and a Pro Blogger at True Essay Help. He takes up blogging as a way to inform his readers about the different issues related to employees and work culture.

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