9 Healthy Skin Care Tips To Get Flawless Face

9 Healthy Skin Care Tips To Get Flawless Face

Do you know someone who has the most flawless skin it makes you extremely envious? Do you keep on asking yourself how unlucky you are in having those blemished and damaged skin on your face? And why acne just won’t leave you? The facial skin is one of the most delicate parts of the skin. Plus, it is also more exposed to oil and dirt throughout the day. No wonder it really takes a massive time and effort in maintaining your face to its natural radiance and glow.

The good thing is, having imperfect skin isn’t permanent. Your skin regenerates every month as it sheds old skin cells for a new you. And from us, tips for achieving a flawless face and how to tighten skin in this area are just some of the few secrets in life that need to be revealed. Go through this list, exert effort to apply this habits and you’ll definitely become the woman that by-passers will give a second look to.

1. Clean Your Sponge And Brushes

Makeup is a huge part of our daily lives. The ongoing trend of women that revolves in blending makeups with their brushes and sponge can hide your imperfections, yet, it won’t really make it go away. Sadly, studies show that women neglect washing their makeup essentials. This causes dirt and bacteria to accumulate which may lead to breakouts. It is advisable to wash your brushes and sponge every two to three weeks to keep it clean and sanitized.

2. Treat Your Face With Merlot

Don’t you know that eating the skin of red grapes can also help you in preventing the development of age lines and wrinkles on your face? That’s all thanks to Resveratrol which is the powerful antioxidant that is found in its skin. Since it fights off free radicals, it will give you that flawless skin that you have always wanted!

3. Hands Off, Please!

Washing your hands often will not just prevent you in acquiring a serious health condition but it can also help you achieve a healthy flawless face. Make sure that your hands are clean before carrying out your skin care regime for better and far more effective results.

4. Chew On Some Nuts

Selenium in nuts can cause skin elasticity that may help tighten skin and prevent skin cancer in the long run. Try munching on Brazil nuts, macadamias or walnuts which are rich in selenium to reduce your skin inflammation and breakouts. These nuts are also known to be rich in high-quality oils and fatty acids which repair the skin and rejuvenates it for a more flawless face.

5. No To Oily Foods

According to science, oily foods are high in fats and calories which are the primary cause of wrinkles. Shy away from those oily foods and substitute on a more healthy diet like proteins found in fish, tofu, and beans.

6. Clean Your Mobile Phones

Well, not to explain much of this but the smartphone that you can’t put down can be the dirtiest thing you will ever hold. As you put your mobile phones right next to your face during a call, the dirt and bacteria it has may be transferred to your face. Scary, isn’t it? I’m not saying you should place your phones under running water or scrub it with a hand soap. Using disinfecting antibacterial wipes is enough to sanitize it.

7. Hydrate With Barley Tea

Have you noticed what Korean restaurants serve to their customers as drinks? Well, it’s barley tea. Koreans drink this tea to improve their blood circulation which may promote healthier skin. With this, you will never go wrong in achieving a flawless face.

8. Eat Watermelons

Adding fruits in your diet isn’t just a sweet treat, it can also be beneficial too. One of the best fruits for healthy skin is watermelon. This lycopene-rich juicy treat is sure to help you avoid wrinkles and skin cancer just like nuts do. Moreover, watermelons are also great in reversing the damage on your face caused by the sun. Toss some of this fruit in your salad or as a smoothie option and kick-start your day healthy.

9. Be Gentle

Cleaning, scrubbing or exfoliating your facial skin too hard can also lead to skin breakouts. Wash your face with mild gentle strokes and pat dry with a clean paper towel after. This way, you can let it rejuvenate on its own.

Look good, feel great. Prepare yourself for the prettiest you could ever be and start transforming your skin with these skin hacks, no matter what type of skin you have. Guarantee it! Doing everything on this list can help you achieve a flawless face in no time.

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