A 6 Point Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

A 6 Point Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

So, you have found an apartment in Lafayette that’s under your price range and you are all ready to move in. But wait! Before you start packing your bags, have an apartment walkthrough. It’s not that every landlord needs one when you move into a new unit. But it is in your best interests if you do this! You need to check if everything is fine in your new home. Make sure, during this walkthrough, you are taking the required notes and clicking pictures of all the problem areas that you may discover.So, we are bringing you a checklist that you need to assure is all ticked right and not going to cost you later on. So, let’s get started:

A 6 Point Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

1. Be Prepared

The first thing you need to do is be prepared for a successful walkthrough for which you have to bring the camera with yourself.

Take the picture of problematic areas and have a notepad and pen handy.

Measure the doorways to confirm that your furniture will fit through them.

2. Safety

Make sure the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are working and in place. Although carbon monoxide detectors are not common to found but look for them too.

Look for the fire escape plan in case of emergencies so that you know where to go when danger comes.

Your sleeping area should have big enough windows from which you can escape, when need arises. Also, if the windows have bars on them, are they approved and if yes, get a key.

3. General checks

Check under the sinks and closets for any signs of insects and rodents such as chew marks.

Try out the electric plug outlets and cable jacks for their availability and if they are functioning properly.

Look for any water damage by checking the ceilings. Also, see if the paint is peeling off from the walls.

4. Doors and Windows

Try to open and close all the doors and windows to check if they are working properly.

All the knobs and locks should be secure and not wobbly. Ensure that you are given the keys for every lock.

Check for the window coverings and screenings that they are intact and not missing.

5. Kitchen

Every appliance from dishwasher, garbage disposal to microwave should be checked by you that they aer working properly.

Examine the tiles and counters for any cuts or scrapes along with any burn marks and stains.

Open all the drawers and cupboard doors and make sure there aren’t any dings and chips.

When checking the refrigerator, open and close the door to ensure it is in good working condition along with all the other drawers in it. There shouldn’t be any musty smell coming from it and the freezer should be cold.

Don’t forget the oven. Make sure the burners light up, and the doors are working.

6. Bathroom

Look under the sink for any leaks, odors and drips.

Flush every toilet that the Lafayette Louisiana apartment has to ensure the plumbing is working properly.

Test for the hot water and water pressure.

Also, make sure the shower head is in good working condition and bathroom mirror doesn’t have discolorations.

The walkthrough is the best time to note down every problem that exists in the apartment. Once you have completed the walkthrough with your landlord, schedule any repairs that are needed, clarify the security deposit terms and sign the agreement.

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