A Beginner’s Guide To How PPC Works

A Beginner’s Guide To How PPC Works

Getting your website ranked on Google organically takes a lot of work that involves intrinsic knowledge of how exactly websites are put together. If you are not a web expert, then Pay Per Click for Advertising Services or a PPC campaign is one of the best solution for you. With PPC  you pay Google (or whichever platform you use) to get your ads listed at the top or bottom of the organic search listings. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, you pay for it. Google will then stop from running your ads, until your depleted budget gets replenished.

PPC is fairly easy to implement but rushing into the process without knowing the basics is a disaster waiting to happen. So, let’s take a look at a few of the tips that will help you in launching an effective PPC campaign.

A Beginner’s Guide To How PPC Works

1.Set Your Goals

The very first step in this direction is to create measurable goals. Know your needs and what you want to achieve and accordingly set the goals. While preparing them, keep the following points in mind:Target Audience – You should know which audience you are trying to reach. Always have an idea of the people your paid search is targeted to. When creating the ad text or selecting the keywords for the campaign, choose those terms that your audience would be going for which is also the answer to their needs. Make sure the content you create is perfectly aligned with these keywords and ad text for better and quality user experience. By putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, you create a campaign that catches the audience’s attention.

  • The Outcome – What is it exactly you want your audience to do once they click on your ad? Integrate this point in your text ad as a call to action to make your audience do as you want them to. Now you just have to drive the visitors to the landing page that would easily guide them to this goal.
  • Measurement of Success – Having a way to measure the success is an essential part of the whole campaign. Before even launching the campaign, you have to ensure that tracking URLs are set up in order to analyze the traffic. A continuous analysis of campaign metrics will help you in finding the keywords that you may want to pause or would be a better opportunity for growth.

2.A Campaign Structure

Studies have shown that around 63% of people click on the Google ads when they are online searching to make a purchase. So, it is essential that you have a robust structure in place. The most important part of any campaign structure are the  following two elements:

Simplicity – It is a regular process to manage your campaign. To make the monitoring of a campaign easy and more effective, you need to ensure that the structure is manageable and intuitive. It will help you identifying any efficiencies and inefficiencies in your campaign.

Relevancy – One of the most important factor is the relevancy of your campaign to the needs and wants of your target audience. Develop tightly themed ad groups that have quiet small groups of keywords. Go through each of your keyword and make sure the ad text is relevant to the keyword.

Google Adwords, by default can opt all the campaigns into full Google Network, so be smart about it. Also, use Local Searches to your advantage to create a strong presence in your territory. With the help of these tips and a certified professional you can easily launch an effective and excellent PPC campaign.

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