Pain sufferers:

We humans are capable of enduring pain and anxiety for certain duration of time and to a certain degree. The tolerance level for different people is different. Some of us are blessed with a very tolerant nature to pain and they can withstand any sort of pain without any medications or even the thought of medications. But not all of us are blessed with such a sturdy nature and many want to use medications herbal or otherwise so that they find some relief from the grinding pain day in and day out. The pain sufferers who experience the extreme pain include those patients who have been through chemotherapy and those who are suffering the muscle pains every day of their life. Such muscular pains are very grilling and extreme that many want to have a combination of medications that will soothe the pain immediately. Pain is such a debilitating thing which does not necessarily affect only the cancer patients but it affects many and thus it restrains then and is so harmful to productivity both at home and at work.

They are herbal:

For many decades now, the chemical formulations were used to relieve pain and anxiety but there has been a new trend that has caused many of us to go back to the roots and use the herbal products like our forefathers did. One such medication is marijuana which is naturally available in many parts of the world and is known by several names around the globe and one of the names is weed. The recent addition to the pain management market is called as kratom which is again a herbal product and is grown in countries of the Asian region. The product is from the tree called as mitragynaspeciosa and the leaves are plucked to be used in the extraction of the alkaloid called alpha mitragynin. Both the products are herbal based and are found to be very effective in alleviating pain.

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The combination:

People who suffer extreme pain have the need to relieve it as quickly as they can. They rely on a combination of both marijuana and kratom in some proportion that they find is effective. The dosage of the combination varies from person to person. Though for some it might be causing an over dosage problem, for some it works out well. Marijuana is not legal in many parts of the world and many countries have strict laws and regulations on the use of the product. They can use it only under strict medical supervision. Yet in some parts of the world, it is used to relieve pain and to cure anxiety without overdoing it. The restriction on overuse is to prevent ahabit formation which will bring serious side effects to the patient. As far as the kratom is concerned, it is legal in most of the countries but even there, it can be used only under medical prescription. Kratom is non-habit forming and is safer than marijuana.

The advantages:

The products both marijuana and kratom are well known to relieve pain and lower the stress levels, they are also useful in calming an agitated mind due to an unbalanced brain chemicals, they are known to relax ,muscular and joint pains, it relieves the pain felt due to arthritis, and many more physical and psychological conditions. However they differ in the euphoric feelings which marijuana is well known to cause whereas kratom does not give such effects and for more on the subject, http://kratompowders.org/kratom-vs-marijuana is the right place to visit.

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