Add Luster To Your Beauty With Rhinoplasty Surgery

Add Luster To Your Beauty With Rhinoplasty Surgery

‘’People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder.’’-Salma Hayek

Do you spend a good deal of time admiring yourself in the mirror? The nose is one part of the body which lends a perfect finishing touch to a person’s appearance. Are you unsatisfied with the shape of your nose? Thanks to the developments in mdical science, you can change the shape and appearance of your nose through rhinoplasty. This facial cosmetic procedure is usually done to reconstruct the nose. During operation, the bones and nasal cartilages are modified and tissues added to enhance the visual appeal of the nose.

Add Luster To Your Beauty With Rhinoplasty SurgeryMedical experts also advise people to undergo rhinoplasty to fix nasal fractures to restore pre-injury look of the nose. As part of the surgery process, you will need to fix an appointment with an expert surgeon. He will suggest specific limitations cause by the structure of your face, nose and skin. The suregon will also take pictures prior to surgery for preoperative planning to note postoperative outcomes.

Usually, the surgery is performed in a hospital or a surgery center. It may not be necessary for you to have an overnight stay. A anesthesiologist will be present for observing the major functions throughout the process. You may receive a call a day prior to surgery for a review of medical history. Preoperative laboratory studies will be done a few days in advance. You may require someone to stay with you at the hospital during the first night.

Avoid taking aspirin within 10 days of the date of operation. The surgeon will provide you with a prescription for pain medications prior to the date of surgery. You will also need to abstain from any type of food or liquids for 6 hours prior to the operation.This will include food items like candy and chewing gum as well. If you are a smoker, then minimize tthe number of cigarettes to reduce postoperative coughing and bleeding.

Be on time at the hospital on the day of the operation. Bring all the necessary documents. It would be wise on your pat to wear clothes which do not need to be pulled over the head. Use a cleansing cream to remove all make-up. Wash your face well with soap and water. But avoid using creams or make-up. A nurse will start the intravenous infusion line (IV) along with a medication to make you feel more relaxed.

Once the operation starts, the anesthesiologist will use a mixture of intravenous medication and gas. He will monitor the whole procedure including the EKG(cardiac rhythm) and pulse oximeter(oxygen saturation). Apart from the suregon and anesthesiologist, a surgical technician and nurse will also be present within the room. The surewgry will be more time consuming if you undergo additional procedures. Once you are safe in the recovery room, the surgeon will talk to your family members.

You will need to use a nasal splint to cover the outside of your nose for around one week after the operation. Once the swelling goes away, the splint will need to be fitted less tightly. Over a period of one month, you will discover a remarkable change in your appearence. Therefore, to look more presentable go for rhinoplasty.

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