Advantages of Using a Chilled Water Cooler

Advantages of Using a Chilled Water Cooler

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of chilled water while at home or at work. Chilled water coolers offer a constant supply of delicious filtered water straight from a tap or bubbler. There are a number of different water coolers to suit all styles and situations, from small offices and homes to large work sites.


Chilled water coolers are a cost-effective way to supply drinking water in your home or workplace. Free-standing coolers are great for communal areas in places like schools, hospitals and offices and can provide up to 40 litres of water per hour. Figures show the average cost of bottled water in the UK is £3.40 a litre – with 40 litres costing an eye-watering £136. With a robust stainless steel finish, a free-standing cooler is easy to use and maintain.

Filtered Water

Tap water is the most convenient source of water for the majority of UK homeowners, but what is in our tap water? Thousands of different substances are found in tap water, including the chemical compounds chlorine and fluoride. Fluoride is added by some water companies as a way of strengthening teeth and bones. But do we need all these chemicals in our drinking water? A filter tap can be easily added to your home, offering constant filtration and cooling. The energy-efficient taps are also available in models that can provide sparkling water, cutting down on the cost of buying bottled sparkling water. Filtration and CO2 replacements are easy and cheap to buy.

Heated Water

It’s estimated that it costs 2.5 pence every time we boil the kettle. Just think about how many times a day we need hot water and turn to the trusty kettle. Table-top water dispensers provide both chilled and hot water at the touch of a button. Around six litres of hot water can be produced an hour, providing a much more cost-effective and energy-efficient way of making tea.

Advantages of Using a Chilled Water Cooler

Health Advantages

Placing a chilled water cooler in an office or hospital could provide health benefits to workers or patients. If access to free water is readily available, people are much more likely to choose water than purchase sugary soft drinks or juices. Properly hydrated employees are much more alert, productive and prepared for the tasks in front of them. A water dispenser may also deter employees from leaving the office to purchase drinks elsewhere, helping to avoid distractions.


If a company places a chilled water dispenser in a waiting room or reception, it shows they care about the well-being of their customers and clients. Visitors will be much more at ease if they know they are able to easily pour their own drinks and refreshments.

In conclusion, the purchase of a chilled water cooler will save you money and improve your health. They are easy to maintain and are a stylish feature for any home, office or business. It’s something that is really well worth considering.

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