Alistair Overeem and his tryst with steroids

Alistair Overeem is an England born Dutch mixed martial arts fighter. He is very successful in different leagues in mixed martial arts. He is currently associated with the highly famous Ultimate Fighting Championship; he has previously won the championships at Strike force, DREAM and K-1 over his career. He has defeated many a famous fighters like Brock Lesner and Mark Hunt. Overeem’s has been a controversial figure. His career has seen him being at the centre of many controversies, none bigger than 2012 failed drug test. Overeem was scheduled to fight UFC champion Dos Santos when he failed the dope test.

Following this he was replaced and banned from the fight. The dope test revealed that his testosterone levels were higher than the permitted level by the UFC rules. Overeem appealed against the suspension stating that his doctor had prescribed the medicines with additional testosterone to treat him from his rib cage injury. This argument allowed his suspension to be denied and the Nevada Gaming board permitted him to challenge for a fight in nine months’ time. However it is essential to know the names of Alistair Overeem’s drugs that could have caused such a change in the testosterone levels in his body.

It is highly likely that he might have been using more than a few steroids which helped him gain a lot of muscle mass and also another one before the fights for cutting. The following are a few of the possible names of Alistair Overeem steroids used.

  • Testosterone: it is nothing but a natural hormone whose primary function is to produce a variety of beneficial effects in largely men and to a certain extent in women too. It is particularly responsible for the physical aspects in athletes as it is responsible for increased count of red blood cells, greater protein efficiency, better and quicker recovery of the muscles and preventing muscle degradation. The testosterone dosages should be ideally prescribed by the doctors and they are most often taken in syringes.
  • HGH: It can result in creating approximately 17 times the testosterone levels than normal. It acts similar to testosterone in the body and helps in muscle recovery, bone density and body fat burn.
  • Anastrazole: this is a drug that is used to control the side effects of gynecomastia.
  • Drostanolone: it is a cutting steroid, and a testosterone variant.

It is common knowledge that one has to be very careful of using such steroids as they have side effects. While some steroids have many side effects the others have less. Testosterone steroids can cause male pattern baldness or make one suffer from water weight gain giving one a bloated body structure. Other more dangerous side effects are high blood pressure, and increased production of bad cholesterol in the body and heart diseases and cardiovascular problems. Today the drug controversy of Alistair Overeem has subsided and he is still pursuing his fight with Junior Dos Santos by asking the UFC heavy weight champion for another shot at the title.

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