All About The Different Factors That Affect Your Air Ambulance Flight Cost

When you know that either you or one of your family member will need the services of an air ambulance service in future, there is no better time than now to do a little research. Try to know as much as you can about how air ambulance companies work, what services they provide and how much will it all cost you.
All About The Different Factors That Affect Your Air Ambulance Flight Cost
Here we have listed a couple of points, which will help you understand how air ambulance companies charge you. Moreover, going through these points will also help you compare quotes and decide what all services you can eliminate to lower the cost of flight.
Different factors which affect the cost of an air ambulance flight
Distance of travel and type of aircraft used:
First of all, be clear on the distance of flight. In most cases, since distance is the primary factor, which decides the flight cost. Obviously longer distance is more expensive, as the air ambulance company needs to pay more to the medical and flight crew, as well as for the fuel.
Furthermore, the distance of travel will also determine what type of aircraft can be used to make the trip. For instance, a helicopter is used to transport patients over short distances, whereas, a jet will be used for long distance transports.
Type of medical equipment and staff required:
This is the second most important factor considered to determine the air ambulance flight cost. At times, the patient needs specialized care during the flight. To deliver the same, particular equipment and medical specialists are needed on the flight. If your patient needs a larger team on board as well as a particular specialist, then it will obviously increase your flight cost.
Services used:
Different air ambulance companies offer different services. For instance, they offer ground transportation, bed to bed service, etc. Be specific about what type of services you need and can the company customize their offers as per your need. If the type of services and their cost is not mentioned in the contract, then be specific and ask about the same. Keep in mind, the services you hire makes a lot of difference on your flight cost
Accommodating other passengers
You will definitely not want your patient to travel alone. This means there has to be enough space on the flight to accommodate family members of the patients. Mostly this is not charged and the cost of flight almost covers it already. However, clearing this well in advance is wise.
Once you have known all the factors that affect the flight cost of air ambulance Puerto Vallarta, the next thing to do is ask quotes from different companies. Contact companies which are located closer to the patient’s current location, since you can expect good deals from them. Usually a flight may charge you around $10,000. However, this cost can increase or decrease depending on the factors mentioned above.
So, here you go. Now you know what all factors affect your air ambulance flight and thus, you can determine which company is offering you the best deal. Lastly, if the time permits, contact your insurance company and check if the flight cost will be covered or not.

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