All About Toll Free Numbers In India!

All About Toll Free Numbers In India!

As the world is heading towards achieving the maximum customer satisfaction and bridging the gap between the business and the customers, the demand for toll free numbers in India have been blooming.

All About Toll Free Numbers In India!

Toll free number in India have been extremely successful when it comes to telemarketing, governance and being a number for customer care helplines.

One of the things we always hear on radios and TVs everytime we switch to them is ‘feel free to contact us on our toll free number!’ This line is so deeply embedded in our minds that most of us can’t imagine a day from home to office without hearing this line at least once on the radio. But how many of us know exactly how Toll free numbers in India function!

Toll free numbers in India are very popular and are used by most business and departments of the government. These numbers are the one which are free of cost for the person who is calling. Thus, the caller who is usually the customer is not charged for the call he/she is making but it is the company who has subscribed to the toll free number is charged on the behalf of the customer.

Call to customer care helpline number is not just free in India but across the world but the cost that the subscriber pay differs from nation to nation depending on various factors.

All About Toll Free Numbers In India!

Toll free Number in India is one of the most requested in the market. The number starts with 1800 and 0008 followed by seven digits (000800XXXXXXX), further, it’s pretty easy for a customer care helpline to get a toll free number in India.

Toll free number in India are charged like any other number, on monthly basis depending on the plan the company opts for. There are also plans and provisions for the Toll free customer care helpline number to be bundled with a particular number of minutes which the subscribing company usually ends up exceeding and the entire cost turns out to be way higher than the company is prepared for. At the same time there are plans that charge a nominal rate for the number itself or for each minute of usage. In the plan that involves to be charged on the basis of minutes, the location from where the call is made and where the call is being made. For instance, a toll free customer care helpline number India which has opted for such a plan receives a call from a customer in India on a landline so the location that is India and medium which is the landline would be considered while charging the subscriber.

Toll Free number in India are easy available but how is it that they are assigned?  Well, they are assigned on the basis of first come and first serve basis.

Thus, taking into consideration the need, utility and various plans that are available when it comes to toll free numbers in India, a company should really study and analyse their business structure, calling pattern, calling features that it requires and various plans available for them to choose the best possible one!

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