Amazon Prime Now Services Available in Singapore

Great news for those Amazong-lovers who live in Singapore – it’s possible to now order through Amazon Prime Now and receive your items in the same day, even in under an hour. This amazing delivery service is available through the Prime Now app and lets shoppers access twenty thousand curated products that range from electronics to groceries, sporting goods and dry goods. The fulfillment center is located in the Jurong industrial area.

Alibaba currently controls the South-east Asia’s largest e-commerce site, and they worked hard to be prepared for the launch of Amazon Prime Now, not wanting to lose customers to the commerce giant. They created a new membership program that allows users to earn benefits and discounts for places such as Taobao Collection, Uber, and Netflix. Alibaba also moved their warehouse operations in May to cut down on turnaround times when an order has been placed. While the two giants both have their strengths and weaknesses, it will take time to show who will come out on top in this market. Amazon has the benefit of U.S. products and books to sell to their customers, while Alibaba is banking on long-term relationships and fast delivery to succeed.

The digital economy that both Amazon and Alibaba are a part of have the amazing benefit of being able to open up new opportunities, especially in Asia. Retailers and local brands and merchants will enjoy partnering with Amazon while they learn how to digitalize their own strategies. They’ll be able to serve and access markets worldwide by using the Amazon Prime Now platform.

Some local companies such as Mamypoko are already teaming up with Amazon to get their business prepared and ready for e-commerce. Some of the steps that they are taking including improving their digital inventory and supply chain management.

Singaporeans can take advantage of the Prime Now service from Amazon without having to pay for an Amazon Prime membership. While that program will be launched in the near future in Singapore, currently the Prime Now service offers free delivery with purchase of $40+ in two hours or the option to pay $9.99 for one-hour delivery. Items can be delivered between 10am and 10 pm. This items are sourced from local distributors and vendors as well as from overseas companies. The fulfillment center in Singapore is currently the largest in the world, at about 100,000 square feet.

Singapore was a smart location for Amazon to test out launching Prime Now and making it available to all of the people in the country at the same time. Because Singaporeans have a high demand for convenience, it is likely that this program will do well in addition to creating a number of jobs at the fulfillment center. The mobile app makes ordering even faster and more convenient. In the fulfillment center, employees have to located and grab items within minutes of the order. These are then sorted into batches that will go into separate delivery routes. Amazon may have just started in Singapore, but they are optimistic about their growth throughout South-east Asia.

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