Ambulance Service Raising Money For New Pager System

Paging devices are used by many different types of organization, including medical service providers. These items offer personnel a simple, cost-effective and reliable means of communicating with one another.

In the case of the health service, it is especially important that workers are able to keep in touch. This can help to ensure patient care is up-to-scratch and, in some cases, it can even help to save lives. Thankfully, there are now plenty of pager systems UK for organizations to choose from, meaning bosses should succeed in getting ones that tick all of the relevant boxes.

The South Central Ambulance Service is among the organizations keen to use pagers. Indeed, volunteers for the service are currently raising money to pay for these devices.

According to a report in the Oxford Times, around 20 community responders are doing hair or beard-related challenges as part of a fundraising initiative.

These individuals often reach emergencies before ambulances, helping to deliver potentially life-saving care. They are trained by the ambulance services they operate for and they encounter a range of emergencies, including cardiac arrests. Their role is to help stabilize patients and keep them alive until more skilled crews arrive. It is absolutely vital that they benefit from effective communication channels with ambulance services.

Ambulance Service Raising Money For New Pager System

Liaison and training officer Amanda Cundy remarked: “We’re doing this to raise money for a new communication system for the region’s 1,600 community responders. At the moment, community responders rely on their mobile phones for communication, but the signal can vary from place to place.

“The trust is going to pay for all our volunteers to use a pager system similar to the one used by our ambulance, police and military services, but like a mobile phone contract these radio units have a monthly subscription charge and that is where the hair growing comes in.”

Ms Cundy, who is set to undergo a grade one electric head shave, added: “A professional hairdresser will be overseeing it all and I am hoping I end up looking like Jessie J – rather than a billiard ball.”

Ambulance Service Raising Money For New Pager System

Another of those who is taking part is David Hamer. He noted that he is getting his chest waxed to raise cash and he revealed he is expecting the challenge to be painful.

Meanwhile, commenting on the efforts of his colleagues, responder department manager Dick Tracey stated: “I’m very pleased that so many full time staff and also volunteers are signing up to raise funds for the new system as it will enable us to communicate with our volunteers more effectively and ultimately enable our volunteers to get to emergencies quicker.” He is growing his hair longer and cultivating a mustache to drum up money.

In order to benefit from the best results, it is important that organizations choose suitable paging systems UK. As long as they ensure they select a quality system from a reliable provider, they should avoid any problems. Also, by treating the pagers with respect, people can help ensure that the items stand the test of time.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written widely on the subject of communications for a variety of websites, including LRS.

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