An Interesting Trip from South India To The Eastern City Of Patna

In and around Bangalore, voyagers have such a variety of choices in travel. For an out of the crate holiday trip, take a Bangalore to Patna flight and get to know the eastern parts of India in a better way, an experience that is quite unique and contrasting to the southern part. Patna is a busy capital and it sprawls out over the southern banks of the Ganga river, just east of the conduit’s change with three essential tributaries. There is a lot for the tourist along the stream itself and Patna simply too has many worthy sights of interest. It is a dynamic and progressive city that is generally recognized as a cosmopolitan or as a base for day trips to neighborhoods of northern Bihar. Patna is a city that leaves you with many memories and a rich past. Right in the fifth century BC, Ajatasatru moved the capital of his Magadha which stretched from Rajgir to Pataliputra (current Patna).

An Interesting Trip from South India To The Eastern City Of Patna

History shows that rulers Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka made Pataliputra their capital and it stayed as one of India’s most conspicuous urban communities for more than 1,000 years. Housed in an eminent legacy building, Patna recorded past contains a heavenly gathering of Mauryan and Gupta stone models, some beautiful bronze Buddhist statuary, 2,000 years old terracotta dolls and a showcase of splendid Rajasthani miniatures. Make an effort not to miss the wonderful social affair of Tibetan thangkas which are material showstoppers passed on by great litterateur Rahul Sankrityayan in the mid twentieth century. Next, Golghar is a curve with a point of view and as you climb this colossal, bulbous storeroom developed by the British in 1786, you can see half of the city.

The idea behind its construction was to avoid starvation in the event of any disaster, but the place remain unused as such a tragedy did not repeat itself. Its twofold spiraling staircases which are 142 stages each were designed with the objective that workers could climb one side and down the other. Another attraction is the 9 hectares Buddha Smriti park which was started by the honorary Dalai Lama in 2010. It is striking for its massive sandblasted charcoal stupa. It has seedlings are plantings were brought from Bodh Gaya and Sri Lanka. Colossally viable and significantly essential to the people who call its banks their homes, the Ganges River is a verifiable prerequisite for those who want to see Patna in its entirety. You can also visit Gandhi Museum. This place has a pictorial history of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and teachings.

Explore Patna this holiday and take a flight from Bangalore to this interesting eastern city. Have a nice trip!

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