Answers to Few Important Questions Regarding Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

People who suffer from varicose veins often wonder what kind of treatment they should choose in order to get rid of this problem. It is really very expensive for the patients to get the laser treatment for the problem. Let us try to answer few of the common questions that are generally asked by people suffering from this problem.
What are the reasons for varicose veins?
Blood in our leg usually travels from feet to upward direction and then towards the groin and reaches our heart. Due to valve in our veins blood flows only in the upper direction. However, in people who suffer from varicose veins, blood flows from groin to the foot. The flow of blood is almost like waterfall and therefore it flows with great pressure into veins and due to that reason veins and its branches get enlarged. This causes varicose veins.
In order to treat this problem, it is necessary to stop the source of reflux otherwise the reflux will continue and varicose will occur. Many people suffer from this problem after undergoing sclera therapy. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a physician in order to know whether laser treatment will be appropriate to solve this problem.
What does the laser treatment do?
People usually go for surgical treatment for varicose vein removal Los Angeles. However, laser is also another alternative. With the help of laser, doctors can close the veins permanently. Only 10 per cent venous flows from the limbs and 90 per cent through deep veins. Therefore, closing of saphenous veins does not really cause any big problem. The laser system used for this treatment is much different from treatment of spider veins, which are done by dermatologists. For bigger veins we need endovenous laser treatment.
What should we do if we need our veins for bypass, at later stage of our life?
With the help of laser treatment, doctors usually treat bigger veins, which are 8 to 10 mm in diameter. This cannot be used for bypass as bigger veins are not suitable for bypass surgery.
Are there any contraindications for laser?
Some of the contraindication of laser is obstruction in our deep veins, which is usually very rare. Some people who are having any old case of deep vein thrombosis may have some issues, which can be taken care of by surgical method by doctors.
Between Radiofrequency and laser which is better?
Both the techniques of treatment are considered to be good and it is difficult to compare them due to insufficient data available. Doctors usually choose the right type of treatment after confirming the individual case and their condition. The advantage of laser treatment is that it takes just 3 minutes whereas radiofrequency treatment may take 25 minutes minimum.
Whether laser treatment is safe as compared to other treatment?
Most of the hospitals use laser systems, which are approved by FDA. The systems are generally supplied by very renowned companies, who supply their medical appliances to various big hospitals. There are very few risks in this treatment, which are also self-resolving. Few patients may feel numbness in their paresthesias. However, this is not painful at all.15

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