AWARE – 5 Steps To Overcome Panic Attacks

Train yourself to respond to panic in calming and accepting ways. Here’s a 5 step process to guide your responses in panic condition.  Using regularly help you go a long way to overcoming panic permanently.

The 5 steps are to overcoming panic attacks are known as AWARE:

AWARE - 5 Steps To Overcome Panic Attacks

1. Acknowledge & Accept

Acknowledge the reality don’t try to escape. Simply acknowledge the fear, but don’t feel you are in danger because it will create more panic. Then accept this fear feeling, don’t start fighting with it, instead pray to God to take it away, blame you of someone else for it. Overcoming panic attacks starts with working with it not against your anxiety or panic symptoms.

  • How to Accept Panic Attack?

Although it feels dreadful and awful, it is not dangerous. This belief can make it acceptable (not desirable). Feel that It won’t make you crazy or kill you. Accepting the symptoms of panic, not resisting, is a potent step towards overcoming to. Panic can only make you feel afraid, and during panic you are already experiencing the worst, you only need to overcome it, it is the key. Remember the more you resist the panic, the worse it will be.

2. Wait & Watch (and maybe, Work)

Wait means similar to that “count 1 to 10 before being angry”. Panic temporarily stops your thinking ability, remember this and focus to recover those thinking abilities and allow thinking what has to be done, to flee or to strive. Acting too quickly is a biggest obstacle in overcoming panic. Be in the situation, don’t run away to relief, and allow relief come to you. Now Watch and observe how panic works and to respond it. This is a kind of learning step so try to maintain a panic diary for future use. Mostly it work to calm you down because filling the diary itself help you to have a little distance from your emotion and vanish the feeling of being victim.

3. Actions

Anna Gibson Steel is a licensed therapist and author of 60 second panic solution review says, you cannot end your panic attack; it will happen anyway, you can see how and how much you can make yourself comfortable until attack end. Follow these useful techniques for instant panic solution.

  • Belly Breathing

Most if not all don’t know how to breath correctly. Learn how to do deep belly breathing as it is very potent tool overcome panic attacks!

  • Talk to Yourself

Silently, talk to yourself about the happening, and what can be done. Discuss yourself is it discomfort or danger.

4. Repeat

This step helps when you feel better or feel another panic wave. The natural reaction is Oh it didn’t work. Repeating from the top will help to remind you it is fine if it happened again. Keep repeat all above steps until the panic end.

5. End

This step is to remind you that all panic attacks end, regardless of how you act;

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