Best Foods and Plants To Detoxify Your Kidneys

In this fast buzzing, stress-filled life we are exposed to a variety of toxins. Lemon juice is an excellent remedy against kidney stone formation, so it is recommended to consume plain water and herbal teas. The kidneys play an essential role in the body to help effectively eliminate toxins and to balance the fluids that accumulate in the body. If your kidneys are not functioning well and toxins are not eliminated, And can cause problems such as kidney stones and high blood pressure problems. To help your kidneys to work well you need to follow some tips and need to know which are the best foods / beverage favors for cleaning.

Best Foods and Plants To Detoxify Your Kidneys


Watermelon as a medicine. It has a significant content of water and acts as a diuretic once you have consumed. So as to remove more wastes from the body. Thus, more urine, it will be easier dilute and remove toxins from the body.

Lemon Juice

You can add to your water half a cup lemon juice a day, It is the best remedy for kidney stone formation,  Daily consumption of lemon juice with water or herbal tea to benefit from its protective effects.


Berries have a large amount of antioxidants and contain many disease fighting qualities. And helps remove uric acid, taking care of kidney health. Cranberries and blueberries are among the best fruits you can eat to take care of your kidneys.

Pumpkin Seeds

I bring an important contribution of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is also recommended to eat them raw, because they reduce the risk of forming kidney stones.


It has a role in preventing urinary tract infections and helps remove toxins. Eat parsley in salads and sprinkle it over all cooked foods.


It is recognized as one of the best diuretics, having a beneficial effect on kidney health. This plant prevents water retention in the body, helps remove toxins and prevents urinary tract infections. You can consume dandelion tea whenever you have the opportunity to take care of kidney health.

Basic Rules of Kidney Health

Hydration is Essential

Even if you’ve heard this many times, you should be aware that providing a significant contribution of liquids, so that you dilute urine and light colored the best thing you can do for your kidneys. This hydration must come through frequent consumption of plain water throughout the day and a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and raw vegetables.

Smoking, Alcohol and Caffeine

It is best to avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine. These habits interfere with the process of eliminating toxins and prevent the kidneys to function better.

Maintain a Proper Weight

Excessive weight increases your blood pressure, high blood pressure because it favors a negative impact on the kidneys.


It must make sure your blood pressure is normal, because increased tension increases the risk of kidney problems.

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