Best Guide On How Not To Succeed In Your PhD Thesis Paper

Most of the students are in the final theories and framing their PhD thesis. They are spending days and sleepless nights doing research and working really hard behind their papers. It requires a lot of effort. Everyone cannot be consistent and write fast. Few of the students gets frustrated as their supervisors send their work back to reframe certain portions. They do it because they care for their students.

If you are planning to fail, then the tips mentioned below will help you:

  1. Don’t Submit A Properly Framed And Complete Bibliography:

Generally examiner checks from the end of the paper just to investigate the writing quality of the students. Students need to maintain a homogeneous quality of writing throughout. It is a big problem if your bibliography does not match with the original document. The level of corrections depends on the level of mistakes you make. If you have made 10 mistakes then you will have to make small corrections. Major corrections include major flaws.

  1. Just Don’t Read Enough about Your Topic

PhD holders have burnt their midnight oil and have done intensive study and research to complete their thesis. But there are some lazy students who don’t put much effort. They explore their own thoughts and ideas and creatively implement it on the PhD papers. The consequences they face on the day of their viva voce are catastrophic.

  1. Make tons of spelling errors

Spelling flaws are a nightmare for the supervisors. There are situations where supervisors find spelling mistakes in almost everywhere in the document. In this situation they pray for lesser spelling errors and lesser corrections to make.  Spelling mistakes are common and they also horrify students as well as the examiners. These are simple mistakes, but are capable to instil a sense of doubt in the mind of the examiner toward students.

  1. Make sure that your topics are outsized

Best theses are compact and straightforward. They will have no gap for generalized explanation. Students sometimes cross words limit, it probes a problem for the examiners. Genuinely framed thesis will give proper justification to the topic.

  1. Don’t work much on the basic explanation, just trim it

Students sometimes rush with their explanation. They are unaware that the examiners normally check the explanation first, and then move forward with the document. Few smart students know the trick to make their explanation worth reading. They edit their script and make them look as if they have spent hours of study and finally made their script.

Best Guide On How Not To Succeed In Your PhD Thesis Paper

  1. Don’t work on the introduction and the conclusion

After cumbersome research by students they get capable in framing their introduction as well as their conclusion. They get well equipped with their knowledge and can use it as a tool to move forward with their PhD paper. But students who make small introduction and conclusion, they make a terrible blunder. This will make the examiner feel that the student is not fully educated regarding the topic.

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