Why Is Titanic One Of The Best Movies Of All Time?

Titanic is a love movie that depicts what true love means. It is produced in a beautiful place; the Titanic ship which is attractive to the eye. It is one of the most watched movies from then up to now. It is among the best movies of all time as it shows the encounters and lasting love life. This is a huge film that was released in 1997. It is a film that shows us our relationship between death and life. It utilizes advanced technology and unique creativity of its producer.

1. Enthusiasm

This love film has created heartfelt passion among many people. It is a drama that depicts the genuineness in real life love encounters. It has utilized high technology to bring out clearly this story that has led to its success. This is clearly noticed by how people narrate the story- the facial expression, how they are moved by the story and their unending passion for it.

2. Advanced technology

This all-time movie has utilized the powerful and hyper-realistic technology. Its producer ensured that the film’s unique effects to create a super movie that is extraordinary. He is a creative person who makes use of this to come up with complete hip which tilts. This makes it one of the best movies of all time. It results to a unique feature that is not seen in other movies.

3. Music

The film plays Celine Dion song- my heart will go on. This is one of the most loved and treasured songs by many. Featuring it in the film makes a significant element to boost its success.

4. Ghost of abyss

Ghost of the abyss is another element that kept titanic’s fans unending love for this movie. The movie is shot on unique angel; this led to different scenarios that are eye captivating. It created a beautiful scene that made many people wonder how such was possible. This movie is also shown in 3 Dimension as the ship is sinking.

5. Disaster movie production

This is a powerful movie creativity that leaves many people puzzled. It shows clearly how the Titanic ship sinks deep into the ocean. Towards the end, the movie involves a long shocking episode, which reveals heavy waves and burning of the high firestorm.

6. Famous line

This love movie contains a short sentence. This line reads – I am the king of the world. They are words spoken by Jack as he stands on the huge ship. The line spread across the world giving a picture of how you feel to be in such a situation. It gives you the feeling of being above everything and thus the famous line. It is one of the best lines in the movie as compared to other movies.

7. The redefined hit

This is a successful love story. It derives its success and widely acceptable capabilities result from the beautiful love story. Rose and Jack bring a perfect match and act as such to be true. It creates the passion for the movie. The unsatisfying need to watch this movie over and over again comes from the abilities of these two people.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

This is an actor who is very good in his role. He fits so well in his role as Jack. He wins the heart of Rose, he is not even afraid of his rival and goes the extra mile to ensure that the girl is his. He has a unique confidence and self-assurance in his mission.

9. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a woman with great abilities. She is a talented actress who falls in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. She acts as Rose, whose naked scenario depicts her as a sex statue. She is innocently in love with Jack. Kate is Academy Award-winning star as a result of sense and sensibility movie.


This is a sad story at the end. Showing us how Jack had to sacrifice for the love of his life. He makes a painful decision to give up his life for Rose. This tragedy makes you to be part of the story. It moves you, and you share their experience as it leaves you heartbroken for such a loss of life. Most viewers see this love story as their story. Rose part is truly what other people are going through as well as Jack’s. This film offers a challenge to men- if I would be in Jack’s place what would I have done? The today’s generation can hardly make sacrifices for their loved one.

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