Body Building, Sports And Fitness Supplements On A Budget

Whatever sports your are into, whether you want to run faster and improve your Football, jump higher for Basketball or some kind of martial arts you will probably benefit from weight training and some form of supplement. Even your Golf performance can probably benefit from some time in the gym and getting better nutrition.

Supplements on a Budget

This post will look at some supplements you might want to consider, if you are on a budget. So many supplement companies and sellers make outrageous claims about their products, the law seems pretty weak when it comes to what people can claim. I recently bought “the strongest legal test booster” on eBay but when I did some research on the ingredients I discovered most of them didn’t boost testosterone and one of them even suppressed it.

Only Buy from Trusted Brands and Sources

When you buy a product from an unknown source you are taking a huge risk, such products could contain all sorts of ingredients like steroids or pro-hormones. Unknowingly taking synthetic hormones could mess with a users endocrine system. Men may grow breast tissue (gynecomastia), women may suffer from a deeper voice and hair growth. So it is a good idea to research a product or supplement company and check reviews before you put anything in your body.

Body Building, Sports And Fitness Supplements On A Budget

So Which Supplements Actually Work?


This popular, tried and tested supplement is not made by the body but it is formed in the body by three different amino acids, L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine. Creatine is used by the brain and muscles, the popular supplement is found in meat such as steak and helps the body hydrate muscle cells and produce energy.


Steroids are basically synthetic hormones and probably the most successful way to increase muscle mass. As we already said above taking steroids can cause problems especially for males under the age of 30, for men under 30 testosterone levels should already be high, the last thing a man under 30 should be doing is messing with their endocrine system.

The androgenic hormone is produced by both men and women but since it is the male sex hormone men’s bodies produce more of it, testosterone is why men are stronger than women. As we age our hormone levels begin to drop, low testosterone can cause serious issues. Sufferers of low testosterone may experience loss of libido, hair, the ability to maintain an erection and muscle.

Ageing can cause testosterone levels to drop so can coming off a steroid or pro-hormone cycle which is why steroids should not be taking by someone who is not prescribed them by their doctor. Men over 30 may wish to consider a testosterone booster, D-Aspartic acid, Shilajit, Horny Goatweed and Macuna Puriens are popular herbal testosterone boosters. Unlike steroids and pro-hormones herbal supplements don’t shut done the testicles and endocrine system, herbal testosterone boosters stimulate the body to produce it’s own testosterone. Macuna Puriens is my favourite supplement, it contains l-dopa which can help you to feel happy, sleep better and produce more growth hormone.


The problem with physical activity such as weight training is an increase in metabolism and being hungry all the time. When I am hungry I tend to pig out on kit-kats and crisps which don’t build much other than my belly. Protein is vital to build muscle and help us fill fuller longer.

The most common form of protein supplement is whey protein powder but protein snacks can also be found in the form of protein bars, flapjacks and even cookies.

So Where is The Best Place to Buy Your Supplements

eBay is not a bad place to buy supplements as long as you check product reviews, make sure the product is unopened and in date. A couple of sellers I like on eBay are Pure Source Nutrition and Myprotein. Myprotein don’t just sell protein powders, they sell a wide range of supplements and are very good value, the company also have a website and with the use of myprotein discount codes users can save themselves even more money. Other supplements that offer good value are Multivitamins, BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), DHEA and Glutamine.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles. Mark enjoys SEO, weight training and cycling, he sometimes talks about his hobbies on his blog.

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