Botox treatment; A Pre-Hand User Guide & Tips

With industries like fashion and Film & television where looks matter the most on the rise; has given the opportunity for industries like healthcare and beauty to grow simultaneously.

It’s a myth that women are the majority of customers of this industry; men have also started focusing on their looks with modeling and fashion industry employing people based on looks.

Maintenance is important, not only in terms of our owned articles but also in the context of personal health and beauty care to safeguard the image that we hold in society. For some, it’s the need of profession and for some, it’s just a basic habit.

Miami Botox

What is Botox treatment?

Botox or onabotulinumtoxinA is mainly used to treat muscle spasm, severe underarm sweating, and cosmetic improvement. In cosmetic industry, botox is used for soothing the glabellar lines (the lines between our eyebrows) also known as frown lines. Food and Drug Administration, USA (FDA) permits the use of Botox in this particular area.

How much botox treatment might cost

Like every other cosmetic treatment or business, botox treatment cost may vary from country to country and region to region. Every country and every other region apply different taxes on commercial industry, and healthcare industry is one of them.

Also, the prices may vary depending on who you’re employing for the botox treatment. An experienced practitioner may charge extra from the standard rates. Whereas, a normal practitioner might charge you according to standard rates.

One box of Botox Cosmetic contains 100 units. Which can be $6-$7 at the common rate, but few practitioner may charge you up to $10- $12. Some rates vary by zones and $250 and $350 might not be uncommon.

Common FAQ’s

  • Is botox safe for eyes? Botox treatments are FDA approved and majorly used in treating eyelid twitching and eye muscle problems. FDA is Food and Drug Administration department of US that deals with approving and disapproving the usability of a product for consumer use. Hence, botox treatment is safe for your eyes, but necessary precautions are a must to take.
  • Is botox painful? Yes, botox can be painful. Botox treatment is done by using injections and like every other injection even botox can hurt. However, the needles used in botox treatments are comparatively smaller, so these needles can be less painful.
  • How often should get botox injection? The frequency of botox treatment depends on your age. Botox treatments result diminish faster on old people. Whereas, in young people, botox treatments are expected to show a better result and stay for longer period.

Things you should do before botox treatment

Before you go to the doctor for botox treatment, basic research is necessary. So, here are few things you shall be reading about.

  • Go to a doctor who is experienced: There are many frauds in the market who are not even certified, beware of them! Only go to doctors with a proper certificate.
  • Be transparent with your doctor: Your previous medical history and your allergies and other complications might be against botox treatment, and choosing botox treatment might make you sick. Hence, be transparent with the doctor, so he can decide if you’re fit for botox or not.
  • Have realistic expectations with what botox can do: Botox result might be very satisfying, but after botox, the result might not be that perfect as you expected.
  • Don’t go for botox if you’re allergic: If you’re allergic to botox treatment, don’t opt for it or else result may be drastically bad.
  • Don’t take medicine which thins blood: Certain medicine that thins your blood, stop taking medicines a week before and after your treatment
  • Don’t be afraid to question the doctor: Prepare a list of question that you’re willing to ask your doctor and consult them before treatment.

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