BPM System


Why would you need a BPM system? This is the best invention in the domain of Sales and Marketing that is designed to make your work more productive.


Brief history of BPM

BPM stands for Business Process Management. It is a systematic approach intended to control and manage all operations, which take place in any company. Everyday business activity is simply a sequence of processes. Would it be a new sale deal or hiring a new employee or the production, those are all business processes. As a manager and as a leader, you need to systematize all processes in your company. Regardless of a company size, it is a hard task. Some huge companies might have hundreds of business processes occurring simultaneously. Of course, you cannot keep all that information in your head that is why you might need a BPM solution.

To have a clear understanding of BPM let’s look at the history of economics and modern business. the notion ‘business’ as we know it today appeared with the industrial revolution, when Adam Smith has published the first work in modern economics – the “The Wealth of Nations”. He first invented terms like “Divisions of Labor” and others. Many reputable experts consider him be the “founder of free market economics”. The term Business Process Management has been introduced in the early 90s of the twentieth century. However, the concept is quite traditional and first appeared in the beginning of the twentieth century. Modern BPM is a descinpline and a field of study in operational managment. There are many defenitions of the BPM, however, there is something that they all have in common. Business Process Management is a business approach to control, manage and monitor processes in order to achieve consistent results and organisational goals.

BPM Technology

Technology that makes our life easier

Today we have software, which is designed specifically to help us manage those infenit business processes. Business Process Management system is a must-have powerful instrument, which is developed to improve the control over processes in your company. Usually Business Process Management platform means a special software that combines various useful functions. However, if you do not have a technical background it can be a difficult to choose a BPM platform. Today’s IT market is full of BPM software. Before integrating a new BPM system, you need to be sure that this product will increase your productivity. Poorly designed software can only harm and complicate your business operations. Instead of increasing the productivity of your company, a poorly developed product can slow it down. Business Process Management software has to be simple and efficient. It has to provide essential tools for BPM.

To make sure that you choose the best software on the market we first need to create a list of requirements for the perfect program. We need to figure out what you expect it to do, in other words what functions do you need in a BPM system.

  • Visualizing instruments. You need to be able to visualize your business processes to have a clear understanding of what is going on in your company.
  • Measuring instruments. It is very important to be able to determine the appropriate measure for both production and non-production processes.
  • Analyzing tools. You need to be able to compare different strategies in order to choose the most effective one. In addition, it would be very useful if the system could analyze previous experience and show you the statistics.
  • Control instruments. You need to be able to monitor in real-time the current processes and make the changes if required.

What is the best BPM system?

This is a hard question, because not only a perfect BPM system has to match all qualities mentioned above, but it also has to be flexible enough so you can set it up for your specific industry and company size. Not many BPM platforms are versatile enough for that. However, there are programs that can compete for the title of the best BPM platform. My personal experience shows that bpm’online is one the best existing programs for Business Processes Management.

Business Processes Management

What makes bpm’online the best system?

First of all – it is ease of use. If you need a simple system that can be easily installed, easily integrated and easily customized, then there it is! You absolutely don’t have to know any programing language to with it. You will get used to bpm’online in a very short time period because it is very intuitive.

Second, this product has a vast community. This quality is often underestimated. Big user community shows that this product is popular and effective. Also, this means that you can deal with all upcoming questions by simply studying others people experience.

Third, this system is flexible. It can be set up to suit the needs of both small and large companies. You can set it up very quickly, regardless of your industry. It is a rare quality because most of the software today is mainly unidirectional.

Also, it employs many powerful CRM functions. For those who are not familiar with CRM – it stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a business approach to manage your communication with your customers. CRM software helps you to manage your clients and structure all your client data. For example, if you have a large client base you need to organize this information, otherwise contacting clients will be chaotic. You need a way to record customer data and quickly find it when you need it. This is where CRM solutions come in handy. The huge benefit of bpm’online is that this software combines both powerful Business Process Management engine and Customer Relationship Management tools.

It is especially convenient if you work in the domain of Sales and Marketing. Bpm’online can solve both process management and customer management problems. Your employees will get used to it quickly and the software integration can be performed in a short period of time.

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