Browserling’s Web Developer Tools

It’s been a real struggle for programmers to find good online programming tools that they can use without having advertisements pop up, confusing “download” buttons blinking in 10 different places, and 25 different useless configuration options that no one needs.

Developers at Browserling, world’s leading online cross-browser testing SaaS, had this exact struggle so they created over 125 different free online web developer tools. Their programmer and web developer team often needed to do HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and JSON programming operations and they’d Google things like “base64 decode text, convert yaml to json, minify css, “convert unix time to utc,” etc. Every time they’d do it, popups, ads and other crap would attack. They had enough of this nonsense so they just created all these tools.

Browserling’s Web Developer Tools

Browserling’s programmer tools are split in 12 different categories:

  • Web tools – Web tools contain all the most common web developer tools for encoding, decoding and parsing URLs, escaping, unescaping, minimizing and prettifying HTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS.
  • Conversion tools – Conversion tools provide data conversion tools for converting between XML, JSON, CSV, TSV, and YAML formats, as well as UNIX timestamps, UTC dates, IP addresses, hex, dec, oct and binary number systems.
  • Encryption tools – Encryption tools allow developers to encrypt and decrypt data using secure encryption algorithms, such as AES, RC4, DES, 3DES, Rabbit, ROT13 and base64.
  • Hashing tools – Hashing tools calculate crypto hashes of files, images, binary data and text. You can calculate NTLM hash, Adler32 hash, Alder16 hash, CRC32 hash, CRC16 hash, SHA512 hash, SHA384 hash, SHA256 hash, SHA224 hash, SHA3 hash, SHA1 hash, RipeMD320 hash, RipeMD256 hash, RipeMD160 hash, RipeMD128 hash, MD6 hash, MD5 hash, MD4 hash, MD2 hash and a dozen more different cryptographic hash functions.
  • Pass tools – Pass tools allow programmers generate random password, create MySQL password, create MariaDB password, create PostgreSQL password, create Oracle password, create bcrypt password hash, and create UUID and GUID unique IDs.
  • Plain text tools – Plain text tools let coders perform plain text operations, lowercase text, uppercase text, replace text, reverse text, transform text, find text length, number of words in text, number of text lines, sort words, delete empty lines, delete duplicate lines, base64 encode text and base64 decode text.
  • Shuffling tools – Shuffling tools let you shuffle and randomize your data, generate random passwords, strings, and numbers, create random IPs, UUIDs, and GUIDs.
  • Image tools – Image tools provide the necessary tools for web designers. You can convert between various image formats, such as PNG to GIF, PNG to JPG, PNG to WebP, PNG to BMP and back, as well as resize images, crop images, optimize image size and change image quality.
  • Time and date tools – Time and date tools allow developers to perform date and time calculations, convert between various date formats, for example, convert UTC to Unix Epoch Time, convert hours:minutes:seconds to just seconds, convert seconds to readable hours:minutes:seconds, and generate random dates.
  • Math tools – Math tools are made for mathematically minded programming geeks. These tools let geeks generate prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, predict number sequences, convert between Roman decimals and Integers, generate random numbers, find roots, and perform interpolation, regression analysis and mathematical approximations.
  • Other tools – Other tools contain all other tools that didn’t fit any of above categories. These include data validation, checking if XML, JSON, CSV, HTML are standard conformant, checking your IP address, displaying full browser information, freestyle drawing and screenshot annotation.
  • All tools – All tools lists all the tools. We just counted and there are over 125 tools.

The motto of Browserling tools is Press Button, Get Result. It’s really that simple. As I wrote above, there are no ads or distractions, just tools. You press a button and you get a result.

All tools are written entirely in JavaScript and work only in modern browsers, such as Chrome 50, Firefox 50, Opera 40, Safari 10 and Internet 10. Browserling was able to make all tools work in all browsers because they also offer a cross-browser testing application. It takes just 5 seconds to get a browser.

Browserling’s Web Developer Tools

And that’s not all. Browserling also has bookmarklets, extensions, an API, and even a comic for programmers. Definitely check out everything Browserling has to offer!

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