Can A Basement Get Waterproofed During Winters?

Can A Basement Get Waterproofed During Winters?

Water leakage is a major issue that is caused in a number of households. Often people get their basements waterproofed during summers as it seem to be much easy than any other weather. But, if you are planning to fix basement leaks in Maryland in winter then you should definitely give the below mentioned blog a read.

Can A Basement Get Waterproofed During Winters?

What are the challenges in doing so?

When you are trying to get your basement waterproofed during the winters, there are a number of challenges that might cause certain inconveniences. Some of the major issues faced during the same are mentioned below: –

  • It is quite necessary that the foundation coating is solvent based and this means that the total time that would be required to totally cure it would be around a couple of days. This will eventually lead to the interiors smelling of the solvent for a considerable time of about two weeks.
  • As during winters, there is a thick layer of snow almost everywhere and this is main reason why penetrating the frozen soil can be a bit difficult task. Also, after penetration another important step is of backfilling the area which is excavated with chucks of clay that are usually frozen.
  • Generally, the overall temperature of the area during winters is low which causes a freezing sensation. When the foundation footing is exposed to such chilly temperatures, it generally results in frost heaving of the foundation. This can lead to enormous amounts of structural cracking.
  • It is very obvious that there will be snowfall during the winters and this can often cause the soil and the ice to mix within themselves. Therefore, this often causes a great inconvenience in getting the basement waterproofed.
  • This challenge is dependent completely on the human behaviour and nature. Mostly during winters, individually generally try to avoid much of work during cold weathers. It is very likely that the person will try to limit their exposure to freezing temperatures. Therefore, most of the workers will try and fix your basement using a shortcut which isn’t good for your systems.

Poured concrete foundation crack repair

The technique known as “crack injection” is used for repairing cracks that have been leaking lately. This process makes use of a pressurized injection which consists of a resin which is poured within the cracks using the injection. The crack vanishes as soon as the the crack gets filled with the resin. This prevents any kind of leakage of water throughout.

Cinder / Concrete block foundation leak repair

This particular type of cracking is caused because of the mortar joints. The best method to ensure waterproofing is to avoid mortar joints but, in case mortar joints are unavoidable then you can surely work on the large hollow block walls that are caused. Make sure that the large hollow block walls do not get filled with water as this will make it more leaky. Perimeter drainage system prevents such type of water build up by providing a means to trap the water.

Fixing leakage and other related phenomenon can often cause much of discomfort and issue to people. While it is a bit difficult to get these done during the winters but it isn’t completely impossible. Some of the modern approaches like the one stated above can help to fix basement leaks in Maryland during the winters.

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