Can Maxi Dresses Work At The Office?

Can Maxi Dresses Work At The Office?

We’ve had long running and never ending debates relating to the maxi dress and its suitability in terms of office wear. We women have an affectionate and eternally loving relationship with our maxi dresses and there is huge demand for these fashion dresses online in recent times, proving that they still are considered to be one of the best contemporary fashion bets you can safely take. In an earlier time, a maxi dress would go well with someone like ZeenatAman(we’re talking of the hippie-esque vibe) and these dresses were mostly perceived as super casual and funky. However, maxi dresses are modern day essentials for every woman’s wardrobe and they are as versatile as can be. These dresses can be worn to vacations, casual outings with the gals, movie outings or trips to the mall, dates, outdoor/daytime parties and even to work (though many will roll up their eyes at this last word!).

We all know how maxi dresses have made a sizeable impact in highly fashionable circles including red carpet events and how celebrities are popularizing the maxi dress as a more fashionable and attractive alternative to conventional cocktail dresses with abundant leg show. The longer hemlines are clearly pulling the crowds (of women buyers we mean :P) and you should definitely see the demand for dresses online which run till the ankles or are just about floor grazing. However, there is a thin line between fashion excellence and looking shabby (say 20 years older than you really are) with maxi dresses. People are however experimenting more with bold and flamboyant colors like peach and orange. Some are even going for unconventional and appealing patterns like leopard prints.

Can Maxi Dresses Work At The Office?

The good thing about maxi dresses is that they can be accessorized in many different ways. You can accentuate your dress with a scarf, belt or even a statement neck-piece. You can even pair your dress with a matching bag. Over-accessorizing (read BappiLahiri style) is strictly avoidable since this takes the sheen away from the dress itself. Now that we can keep a lid on our enthusing praise of the maxi dress, it’s time to look at the debate we mentioned on top. Can these dresses actually work when it comes to office dressing? Many style and fashion experts will tell you that the answer is clearly a big NO. We agree with them for the most part since these dresses are mostly perceived as too casual/risqué for the office depending on the prevalent perceptions and dress codes.

However, there is something called casual business dressing (you get the drift) which includes work luncheons, Friday dressing, special office events, trips and the like. We think it is in this category that the maxi dressreally shines if you play smart. You can actually style maxi dresses for the office and women have often been seen wearing floor-length dresses to work (we are reliable witnesses in this regard: D). Of course, it goes without saying that in conservative office settings, these dresses would be way out of place, particularly if you are the youngest or a part of the youthful brat pack.

Can Maxi Dresses Work At The Office?

You can actually think of going for a classic print pattern or even a solid color for the maxi dress that you wish to wear to work. There are several maxi dresses that are available in shades and textures that are quite grungy and wild to say the least! These are not ideal for the office and you should always look for striped patterns and solid colors. You can even consider layering with a blazer and even a cardigan in the winters. If it is not too hot, you can consider wearing a tank top underneath the dress to balance out the neckline.

You should always go for ¾ sleeves since covered arms make maxi dresses more suitable for the office. You can think of wearing a shirt with buttons over your dress and belt it for a look which is more corporate and formal. Always wear professional and elegant shoes instead of boots or the like. Flats are good choices in this context and you can go for a pointed toe for your shoes as well. Refrain from dresses that show a little leg or come with lower necklines and higher slits! There are several dresses that almost venture into nightgown territory so be careful of those too. Also refrain from wearing colors like pink or white (based on our experience) if you are wearing a maxi dress to work.

You will find these dresses online at StalkBuyLove, your one stop shop for the best contemporary fashion. These dresses can be worn safely to work with the above tips but do exercise personal caution and judgment here since we do not know how dress-friendly or fashion forward your workplace is!

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