Car Accident Injuries Everyone Should Know

Car Accident Injuries Everyone Should Know

The recent statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that over 2.5 million individuals in the United States experience some type of injury as a result of a car accident. There are some types of injuries that occur more frequently than others. A car accident lawyer will know how to help an accident victim receive adequate compensation for their injuries.

Car Accident Injuries Everyone Should Know

Injury Categories

Almost all injuries caused by a car accident fall into one of two categories. The first is impact injuries. This is when a person’s body hits some part of the inside of a vehicle. This could be everything from a knee hitting a glove compartment to a head hitting a window and more. There are also penetrating injuries. They are caused when items inside a vehicle fly around with significant force. Penetrating injuries can also happen when a vehicle’s glass shatters.

Soft Tissue Injuries

This involves damage to the connective tissue in a person’s body. The connective tissue is a person’s ligaments, muscles as well as tendons. A common injury to a person’s upper back and neck is whiplash. This occurs because a person’s head is suddenly moved quickly and forcefully. The ligaments and muscles are unnaturally stretched because of a collision.

Head Injuries

This type of injury can be minor, but it can also be severe. A person could experience a significant physical damage when their head hits a car’s window or its steering wheel. A serious impact can cause a person to have a closed head injury. This is caused when an impact or sudden movement causes the tissue inside a person’s skull to become damaged. A minor head injury can cause a person to experience a concussion. A serious head injury can result in a person having brain damage.

Chest Area

A serious impact can result in a person having everything from collapsed lungs to broken ribs and more. Should a person have a heart condition, they could go into cardiac arrest. A common problem following a car accident is the internal bleeding in a person’s chest area. It’s also possible for the impact to have caused an injury to a person’s abdomen, internal organs as well as pelvis and more.

Legs And Arms

When a vehicle is involved in a serious collision, a person’s legs and arms could be thrown hard against a door or window. It’s possible for the person driving to have their legs hit the vehicle’s steering with significant force. People have also been thrown hard against a car’s door or seats. Come injuries have been scrapes and bruises. It is also possible for people to suffer serious sprains and more.

Broken Bones

A car accident can leave a person with a slight fracture as well as multiple broken bones. It’s possible for this type of injury to be treated with a cast. In other cases, it could require a person to be hospitalized and have surgery. This will be determined by severity of the break. If a bone is broken in more than one place, it may require them being treated with screws or metal plates.

When someone experiences any type of injury from a car accident, they will need time to recover. An accident victim may not be mentally or emotionally able to deal with trying to get compensation for their injuries immediately after an accident. This is a time when a car accident lawyer can help. These legal professionals will know how to deal with an insurance company and get the best possible result for an accident victim. A person can focus on recovering from their injuries and know they will be getting a fair settlement for their medical bills as well as property damage and more.            

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