Car Maintenance & Myth

Car Maintenance & Myth

There is a simple equation of owning a car that the more you drive your car, the more it loses the support and increases your maintenance cost. For driving a car and keeping up the average performance of the car, there is no alternative to maintenance. Owning a car is not only about driving it. Your driving will be more enjoyable when you improvise its performance and keep it on the track for a long time. Without proper maintenance, your car won’t serve you the same performance. A car requires a lot of attention and support to for the standard mechanical and operating performance. Regular car maintenance keeps the car in normal condition and saves your money in the long run. A routine checkup and maintenance will prevent any great breakdown.

Car Maintenance & Myth

Car maintenance is not much which is a simple procedure of keeping the car clean, check its performance and the condition of the parts. If there is any trouble or any confusion don’t hesitate to go to a mechanic. A skilled and reliable one will ease your work or check the ing and maintenance if you have no idea about car functioning. But there are lots of things that you can do on your own. It varies from cars to cars according to its model and companies that if it needs high or low car maintenance also the mileage, fuel consumption, etc. The weather, climate, season are also determinant factor in this case. It is essential that you ask the manufacturer about all the details of the car. Many people are mistaken by the traditional myths of car maintenance that have been misleading people from long back. The technology has changed a lot from the earlier time. Each car has an own specification. So same tricks do not work for all the cars in the same way. Some of the misleading myths of car maintenance are given below:

1)    Putting the engine on start and heating it for some time before driving has become quite a habit for the people. And people also suggest it to the beginners. But it a myth that you should warm up your car before driving. Technology advancement has allowed the modern engines heat up while driving and it is the fastest way to warm up the engine. You should not reverse the engine in the first few miles. As the engine warms up, it delivers the mileage and performance you desire.

2)    People also have the different misconception about using the car covers. But car cover is an integral part of car maintenance, and it can keep your car secure from the different storm, dust, rain, etc. Using hail resistant car cover can provide you extra benefits and protection to your car.

3)    Most of the people suggest that you should only take your car for maintenance and check up on manufacturer or the suggested repair shop. All you have to do is to follow the manual and schedule of the manufacturer. You can get your maintenance and check up in any shop you prefer. But you should keep the note of all the car work you have got done.

4)   Many people believe that jump starter can damage the performance of the car. One should not start their car with this method. But it is one of the most conventional ways of starting the car in an emergency situation with the other vehicles when the battery of the car is dead.

5) Another popular misconception is that keeping the air conditioner on while driving consumes extra fuel to a large extent. That is why most of the people suggest keeping the windows open instead of keeping the air conditioner on. But studies have shown that there is not much amount of difference of in the fuel consumption.

So, these are few common misconceptions of the people which should be cleared away to keep the car in a good condition.

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