Challenges You Might Face With Your ERP System

ERP System

With a huge rise in companies looking to make sure that they have a good internet presence, thanks in part to the increase in smartphone usage and also a need to keep up with other companies in the increasingly fast-paced world of business, ERP systems are gaining in popularity.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems have been around since the 1990’s, and since then have evolved to be the products that they are today. What they are, in essence, are systems that can automate all your back-office functions. The problem is that ERP implementation has gained something of a reputation for being challenging. However, it doesn’t need to be. A quick Google search for the term ERP Consultant Birmingham will show local companies who can help make sure you ERP implementation goes smoothly.

ERP System

Here are just a few of the challenges that you might face along the way with your ERP system, and which a good consultant will help you overcome.

What can be integrated?

One of the first significant challenges you will face is knowing precisely what processes and systems you can actually integrate and of course which ones you shouldn’t. It can often be difficult to know precisely when incorporating a system will give you a good competitive advantage and where it will be something of a hindrance. The bigger your company, the more systems, and processes you probably have and therefore the harder this task might be. You need to understand the value of everything you use and the cost of integrating it.

Which is the right software?

There are so many ERP systems out there that choosing the right one for your business can be a tough decision. In order to make sure you select the best one, you need to understand the requirements and challenges of your business and look at the available products. The best way to do this is asking an ERP consultant to assist you; they will have access to plenty of different systems and the experience to know which one the best will be set up for you. The wrong ERP system could end up being a very costly mistake that any savvy business will want to avoid making.


It is vital that whoever is in charge of your ERP implementation is fully committed to the project. This means communicating with any of the key employees and making sure that they are also fully involved. This is a big undertaking and not one that you can undertake half-heartedly. If you are not sure exactly what the implementation entails or are not able to spare a reasonable amount of time away from those tasks that you usually undertake then this will make it difficult to commit fully to the ERP implementation. For many companies, this is the case, which there simply isn’t someone who can be spared to undertake the task which has the relevant levels of knowhow to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes it really is better to get an external person to oversee your implementation with the help of a few trusted vital employees.


Like any other system you use in your company your ERP system is only as good as the people who use it, so you need to make sure that adequate levels of training are provided. Proper implementation of your ERP system depends on your employees understanding it and being motivated to use it to their advantage.

Once you have the right ERP assistance, the transition should be easier, and you may wonder what you did before it. Have you made the switch?

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