Common Blunders In Bathroom Design – How To Avoid Them

Common Blunders In Bathroom Design - How To Avoid Them

People choose the best white marbles and sanitary ware products for their bathrooms, yet there are some common design mistakes that can go heavy on your peace of mind and pocket. So one should make sure that the design chosen for bathroom is the one which you really want, that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Common Blunders In Bathroom Design - How To Avoid Them

Bathrooms should be very carefully planned, keeping multiple users and their requirement in mind. There are certain basic things that you should be absolutely sure of so that you don’t have to invest on repairs later on.

  • Budget expectations

After estimating the budget of your project, you should always keep the final price around twenty percent higher. This is because you do not want to end up having monetary issues with your project later on.

  • Improper Installations

If you plan your electrical sockets beneath the shower, then accidents are bound to happen. Same can be true for any improper installations of sanitary ware, mirror or shower. You should not hesitate to take professional assistance if you are not good at installing them yourselves.

  • No views out

Bathroom can become a nasty place if not treated properly. One should always leave suitable air outlets and windows, so that they can be used as and when required.

  • Direct views in

Always keep in mind that the bathroom should not be located at a location, which is directly visible from another room of your house. This thing may avoid any awkward instances that might happen.

  • Making your toilet the focal point

You should always avoid placing the toilet in front of the door, since you do not want to see that first when you enter your bathroom.

  • No storage

Keeping aside no place for storage can give you trouble in future. You do not want to go back and forth your room to get things you need. This is an important aspect that should be always kept in mind.

  • Trying to keep ahead

Maintaining a balance between trend and comfort is a must. Things too like a lighted shower may be trendy now, but soon something new will take its place. You should not compromise on the basic aspects of design of a bathroom with your trendy looks.

  • Bad choice of materials

There are many materials that make up your bathroom. Make sure that the flooring you choose is not slippery. Your bathroom handles temperatures from hot to cold, using material like wood and paper will surely depreciate the quality of your bathroom. One should always choose products designed specifically for the bathroom.

  • Too dark to see

You should always take care that you have adequate lighting in your bathroom. You want to make sure that you see things clearly in your bath, so that you may not stumble. Special care should be taken for the lights on your tub and shower. The use of bathroom grade lights is considered the best.

The biggest blunder you could possibly do while designing your bathroom is working with the wrong people. Hiring a professionally experienced contractor would be the best thing to do.

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