Conservatories Are Perfect For Winter Too

It is no secret that most people buy conservatories just for the benefits they offer in the summer. With winter coming up quickly, the majority of homeowners will therefore be thinking about packing their extensions up for another year without even giving a second thought to how such rooms can be utilised over the colder months.

In turn, those without such extensions may well avoid ever creating such an annexe for fear that the costs incurred will offer them something that is only really useful for a couple of months a year.

In reality though, a conservatory can be valuable all year round, and not just as a living space. In fact, more and more individuals are looking at using such annexes as everything from gymnasiums to indoor heated pools to kitchens, ensuring that they become rooms that can be appealing all year round.

Conservatories Are Perfect For Winter Too

Setting a kitchen in a room comprised predominantly of glass may not seem the most appealing solution, but not only can a larger conservatory in the UK be far more practical than the smaller additions most homeowners choose, but the ability to have a beautiful view whilst one cooks may well make what once felt like domestic drudgery seem far more appealing.

However, when adding in such an extension there will be certain things to consider if you want it to be appealing all year round.

The first thing you might wish to consider is under floor heating. Adding this in afterwards may well cost a pretty penny, but having it put in during construction may not cost much extra at all, and will no doubt save you a fortune in the long run by warming the room far more effectively and ensuring that there are no cold spots in even the largest of orangeries. Once you have under floor heating, make sure you think carefully about your floor covering too.

Next, you might want to consider where you actually place the conservatory. If it is in shadow all day long it may never get as warm as it should at any time of the year, whilst south-facing annexes will make far more of the winter sunshine. Of course, in the summer this may cause the room to feel far too hot and, as such, you may wish to look at ceiling fans, air conditioning units or solar reflectors if you do choose to face yours south-west. Double-glazing will also help keep that heat in during the winter, as will opting for a greater number of brick in the design by choosing an orangery instead.

Such extensions can offer a great extra space to use all year round for all manner of different purposes. Whilst some can indeed be rather cold in the winter, so long as you take steps to design them correctly from the outset, you will find you have a room that is cheap to heat and comfortable throughout the year, and one that allows you to make the most of the views around your home whether the snow is falling or the sun has decided to put his hat back on.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger who regularly contributes articles to home and lifestyle companies such as Breckenridge Conservatories.

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