CTI and Salesforce Integration For Better Communication Quality

CTI and Salesforce Integration For Better Communication Quality

Computer telephony integration or CTI means using computers to handle the telephone calls. For example, call centres have computerised services that direct phone calls to right department.

CTI and Salesforce Integration For Better Communication Quality

Features of CTI Application

  • Authenticate callers
  • Recognize a voice
  • Using live or recorded voice
  • Provides IVR to callers
  • Manage video or voice conferences
  • Compiles and playbacks pending live calls/messages left
  • Receives and routes fax messages to proper fax machine
  • Best for outbound calling like telemarketing

Technically companies make use of two systems

  1. CRM to track, analyze and record sales process
  2. CTI to make genuine calls

Salesforce is lead-tracking and analysis system, which is used by new businesses and even million dollar enterprises. It is an arrangement that helps to track as well as make telephone calls from the same system.

Salesforce and CTI unification

With Salesforce CTI integration businesses can streamline their operations and enhance the interaction quality with prospects and customers. The sales department is kept updated with total sales activity history. Due to clever and active routing your customers always interact with the ideal person and thus delivers fast results.

CTI integration with Salesforce will give you benefits in several ways.

  • Powerful reporting
  • Real time analytics
  • Total performance visibility

You can get more personalised with CTI and Salesforce integration

  • Prioritise key consumers effortlessly
  • Focus & personalise interaction with consumers
  • Engage consumers on channels that suit them and at their convenience

For better connection with consumers

  • Using Salesforce streamline your communication with screen pop and click to dial
  • Empower sales rep or sales agent by giving them entire activity history
  • Direct prospects and consumers to speak with right people
  • Execute potent dialler technology to boost on-premise sales efficiency

What is salesforce?

Salesforce Company is based near San Francisco, California. Salesforce.com products include Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Any cloud technology you purchase can be upgraded to higher version without any issue. It suits the pay-as-you-progress policy.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud concentrates on sales & marketing of business. It is the sales module on salesforce.com and includes leads, contacts, accounts, contracts, products, opportunities, quotes, price books and campaigns. It also supports social network integration for leads/contacts. Sales Cloud is designed for setup of an entire sales process. It can be leveraged to increase or generate revenue for the company.

Service Cloud

It is the customer service module on salesforce.com. The valuable features are contacts, accounts, cases and solutions. With social media demand many consumers complain via Facebook or Twitter. Therefore to track these cases and report Salesforce provides an app for social media monitoring. With in-depth brand monitoring, you are always ready to handle the situation.

New Voice Media is an openCTI and have introduced ContactWorld for Salesforce.com products sales cloud and service cloud. ContactWorld allows seamless integration between your organisation in Salesforce Clouds and NewVoiceMedia cloud telephony. There is no need for CTI adapter software for downloading and installing needs.

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