Daikin Air Conditioner – Best AC Models To Beat The Heat

Daikin Air Conditioner - Best AC Models To Beat The Heat

Come summers and we start sweltering under the wrath of the fierce Sun God. This is very true especially in a primarily hot country like India, where many parts of the country hit well over 45 Degree Celsius, not to mention the condition of the desert regions. With the global warming scenario worsening with the passage of time, things are getting even direr. We Indians thus, need good quality air conditioning systems. However, for this, only good cooling air conditioners are just not enough.

Daikin Air Conditioner - Best AC Models To Beat The HeatThis is because India is a pretty diverse country with varied terrains and varying weather conditions. Some places are terribly hot and dry, while the others are stuffy and humid and so on. On top of this there’s also the current whimsical weather conditions that cannot be predicted and don’t really follow the basic rules of the seasons. Hence, to cater to the various requirements, advanced air conditioners are needed that come with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, only taking care of the cooling needs as per the requirement is also not enough, as power consumption is a highly important factor to consider while getting home a new AC unit. So, one needs a high quality AC that comes with latest technology to handle the various temperature needs, while consuming less power at the same time. This is why we need to do a lot of research while buying a new AC, as these are our long time friends to keep us comfortable and need to be long lasting as well as high on performance. And a Daikin AC can be efficiently all of these.

To start with, if you are not really aware of the Daikin AC brand, and usually think of brands like LG, Samsung or Voltas whenever the word AC pops in your mind, then it is good to mention at this point of time that Daikin is the global leader when it comes to air conditioners.

Daikin Industries Limited was founded way back in 1924, and is the world’s no.1 HVAC manufacturing company. Daikin is known for providing advanced and high-quality air conditioning systems for personal and industrial usage. Daikin is a Japanese company and is a big name in several global markets including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

Daikin is also an already well known AC brand in India and is spreading its wings even more to charm those consumers who are only aware of some well established electronic brands in India and do not consider looking for any other notable global leaders while choosing an air conditioner.

Daikin AC range offer superior technology and highly energy efficient air conditioning solutions that are highly suitable for the varying requirements of the Indian customers. Daikin also offers a wide range of AC models to suit one’s personal requirement, taste as well as budget.

So now that you know about the Daikin AC brand and its highly praiseworthy air conditioning capabilities, let us take a look at some of the really cool Daikin AC units to help you take your pick:

Daikin R410A, FTXS Series Inverter Split AC

The Daikin DC Inverter Series features DC compressor motor as well as DC fan motor. This series of AC as well as heating unit offer high-tech power saving accompanied by the company’s advanced swing compressor as well as PAM control. The units offer 3-D airflow and smart technology to provide matchless air conditioning experience.

The AC offers some superb features including the Indoor Unit Quiet Operation that decreases sound levels by lowering fan speed to offer a quiet cooling experience; Inverter Powerful Operation to boost cooling or heating performance for 20 minutes when first turn on for rapid performance; Night set mode for perfect cooling or heating throughout the night for pleasant and undisturbed sleep; and Outdoor Unit Quiet operation which reduces the sound levels of the outdoor unit for the peace of your neighbors. Apart from these there are many other convenience and performance features. The AC comes with a price tag of Rs. 46,000/-.

Daikin FTKP50PRV16 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC

This wall mounted split AC unit also comes with inverter feature. The air conditioner offers features such as Horizontal Auto-swing, Vertical Auto-swing, 3-D air flow, Coanda Airflow Mode, Wide-angle Louvers, Power-airflow Flap, etc. The aforementioned conveniences of Sleep Mode and Quiet Modes are also present in this model. It also offers Anti-Bacteria Filtration, Child Lock and Auto Restart among other features. There are several other conveniences such as Indoor Temperature Display on the Remote Control, Remote Control with Backlight Off, Power Chill Operation, etc. It carries a price around Rs 46,000/-.

Daikin FTF35PRV16 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

This Daikin AC unit comes with 5 star energy saving rating and is also loaded with great features and capabilities while being low on pricing. The air condition unit boasts of Anti-corrosion Treatment on its Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins and offers a number of great features including Power-airflow Flap and Wide-angle Louvers among others. It also comes with Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-purifying Filter (Optional). This model’s other convenience features include Auto Restart, Emergency operational button, Self diagnosis, Timer, Auto Air swing, Auto Fan Speed, Power Chill Operation among many more. It also offers Smell Proof Operation. The 5 Star split AC is now offered around Rs 36000/-.

Daikin FTF50PRV16 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

This AC model from the house of Daikin comes with 5 Star rating for low energy consumption. It is high on cooling and other benefits while low on power consumption. This unit offers several highly useful features such as Dehumidification, Sleep Mode, Auto Restart, Emergency operational button, Child lock, Self diagnosis, Timer, Power Chill Operation, Indoor Unit On / Off Switch and many more. It also gets features like Coanda Airflow Mode, 3D Flow, Wide-angle Louvers, two Auto-swing modes and Smell Proof Operation. The price is around Rs. 42,599/-.

Daikin FTKP60PRV16 1.8 Ton Inverter Split AC

This Daikin AC model is a heavy-duty inverter AC meant for super air conditioning units of larger rooms. It comes with impressive high-end features. This model offers all of the superior features that are mentioned in the above models and more. It offers the additional features such as Comfortable Air Flow, Comfort Control, Cleanliness and Worry Free Controls. While also offering quiet and automatic fan modes for added convenience which is priced around Rs. 61,800/-.

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