Descriptive Essays Topics: Writing The Best Descriptive Essays

Descriptive Essays Topics Writing The Best Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays often request the writer to describe something in detail. You may be asked to describe an object, person, place, experience, situation, etc. Descriptive essays topics provide a general overview of how the writer delivers the subject, how it is viewed, felt, tasted, smelled, sounded, etc. Moreover, such essay topics must express well the emotion or sensational feeling in a vivid manner the reader can fully comprehend and feel.

Descriptive Essays Topics Writing The Best Descriptive Essays

Best Descriptive Essays Topics

Often, students have affirmed that descriptive essays are the easiest to write as they involve less research and tend to have a personal feel. They offer students an opportunity to exploit their creativity regardless of how boring the essay topic you choose. Whether you choose a descriptive essay topic that you feel sounds general, feel free and use your ingenuity to craft a compelling piece that will keep readers captivated. No matter how generic your topic sounds, use your hard work and imagination to write a relevant essay that will make your readers applaud your job.

I want to concur with many writers that, descriptive essays are only hard when it comes to choosing a good writing topic. If you are a writer looking to improve your writing skills, the web offers a plethora of challenging descriptive essays topics to knock yourself down. Continued practice will undoubtedly propel your endeavors to loftier heights. provides the ultimate tools for writing good descriptive essays.

What Makes Good Descriptive Essays Topics

Excellent descriptive essays topics are unique from the typical essay questions around. They need be detailed and have the capacity to evoke emotions that will interest the person reading your work. Earlier we mentioned that descriptive essays can be summed up as detailed descriptive writings. Below are a few tips to consider while choosing your essay topic:

  • It must be simple to understand and detailed in scope
  • It must provide a more detailed overview of the information about the subject of interest
  • The argument must be impressive and attractive to the readers laying eyes on your work
  • The topic should reflect an interesting issue to write about
  • Always tackle an issue you feel to have developed much interest rather than a question that does spur your creativity

Conclusively, descriptive essays dwell much on content and the details provided. Whether you choose to work on a hard or simple topic, giving life to the topic and animating the content, makes your essay rock and a success.

Top Tips for Writing Enjoyable Descriptive Essays

Just like the many different types of essays, descriptive essays require a unique style of writing that clearly unearths all the relevant information to support the topic chosen. Sometimes completing a detailed essay can be daunting but with the right ingredients, the result can always be a marvel.

Person: When writing a descriptive essay about an individual, you should not only write about their physical traits alone but also include their unique quirks, their sense of smile, the way they relate vocally, their feelings when subjected to unrelated circumstances. Moreover, always choose interesting people to write about such as people who matter a lot to you, family members, political figureheads, artists, industry trendsetters, etc.

Place: When describing places always include unique features of that area and use the 5 W’s to expand on building your great content. Talk about who, what, when, where, and why. The inclusion of the 5W’s ensures you give meaning to your work as readers will not just understand why you chose the particular location, but what value it adds to the writing. Examples of areas of interest should include important places, sites of natural calamities, historical sites, space, inspiring places, etc.

Object: Objects are easy to describe as they carry sentimental meanings. When writing about an object, be as detailed as possible and answer all the pertinent questions you feel the reader would be having in mind. The writer needs to focus on why the object is important, what value does it bring, and how important is it. Examples: valuable personal objects, a book, a meal, a song, etc.

Events/Experience: When describing events and experiences, you are somewhat dealing with memories. Additionally, when talking about dreams and hopes for the future, you are also dealing with today’s thoughts. All these unique aspects help to build quality descriptive content. Examples include memorable holidays, life changing events, a fascinating vacation, concert, etc.

Choosing a more personal topic, you feel to have something in common makes it easier for you to write quality descriptive essays. Stick to these simple tips and excel writing quality essays that matter.

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