Does SEO Still Work In 2016?

As a year comes to a close, some people start to imply the expiration of SEO. What many people may forget is that SEO isn’t a method designed only for Google. Although the monster has kept a huge chunk of the Internet pie for itself, SEO can also provide us a decent traffic from other sources. Bing, Yahoo, Tripadvisor and even Yell can still be considered as search engines. If our business is related to the tourism and hospitality industry, we also need to optimize our presence in Tripadvisor. We should bolster our presence and it is possible to get traffic from Tripadvisor that matches the one from Google itself. There’s always a necessity for SEO, although we don’t need to keep

It is clear that SEO is still a long way from its deathbed and we need to properly convey is precise future without being overly optimistic or pessimistic. The world of SEO is changing constantly, not only because there are new SEO methods invented by professionals, also because search engines regularly change and update their algorithm. By understanding this concept, we should be able to make sure that we will be able to gain positive results. We should also consider the substance of the content and social factors that may determine SEO performance. SEO is still about ensuring a brilliant substance and the end goal is to make sure that people will continue to return.

Then again, if we have excellent quality, it is not really useful if people can’t discover it. Everything will be in vain. SEO can drive activity inside our website and encourage people to discover more. Search engines are still the most obvious methods to look for websites. It is also about focusing on specific pivotal words that can be identified more easily. We won’t be able to convey to users about proper quality of our website. SEO determines whether our website can bloom or not. We shouldn’t think for a moment that SEO will degrade in terms of significance, compared to other methods, such as social media marketing and PPC advertising.

Some people argue that the competition to achieve high ranks for many keywords is already too intense, making it harder for newcomers to gain more than a trickle of traffic. However, long tail keywords have increasingly more demand and it is now possible to get respectable amount of traffic by focusing on a few long tail keywords. It’s true that there is also significant competition for many two- or three-keyword phrase, but we could still add one or two more words. Long tail keywords may seem like a real estate asset that will continue to grow in terms of value and traffic potential.

Competing for some hyper-competitive keywords like finance, debt and insurance is no longer possible unless we have plenty of budget and a lot of SEO professionals who work together to achieve specific results. SEO in 2016 will be more appropriate for long-tail keywords, because established players have strongly entrenched themselves for popular keywords. Dislodging them from top position will be both very expensive and time-consuming.

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